Young student mums launch new product range

A group of entrepreneurial young mothers, who are currently completing their VCAL certificate at South West TAFE, are delving into the world of small business with the launch of their new range of organic skincare products; Essential Angel.

With support from a Deakin University Mentoring Program, the Young Parents VCAL students will launch their new product on Wednesday 10 October from 11am until 1pm at the South West TAFE cafeteria. The public are invited to attend this event. The Essential Angel products will also be marketed at the Warrnambool Sunday Market on 14 October.

The Essential Angel range includes moisturisers, fragrance, organic soaps, shimmer powder and other skin care products. In addition to this, a very funky looking cosmetic case and headband are available for purchase.

The young mothers have been working on the development of their small business over the past few months and have been developing a variety of skills related to running a small business; including market research, planning, teamwork and organisational skills.

The students are keeping track of their progress by using a blog which is updated regularly. This can be accessed at More information about the Essential Angel products and its launch will be posted on the Essential Angel Facebook page and blog.

Deakin University Warrnambool Education Coordinator Associate Professor Bernadette Walker-Gibbs said “this is another example of the ways in which the various education sectors can work together to support students from all walks of life”.

Associate Professor Bernadette Walker-Gibbs said the Widening Horizons Mentoring Program was designed to open up different pathways for students who are young parents.

In the program a group of Deakin University first year students from the Bachelor of Education and Associate Degree of Arts, Business and Sciences course mentor young parents in the TAFE course.

The Young Parents hope to raise money for their end of year trip to Melbourne where they intend to visit the Melbourne Zoo and the Melbourne Aquarium with their children.

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