Overview of the Deakin ATA

In the Deakin ATA, preservice teachers will focus on child/student learning and demonstrate their proficiency with the strategies used to support this learning. Preservice teachers will also have the opportunity to explain their thinking underlying their teaching decisions and assessment and examine the effectiveness of their professional practice.

The main activity of the ATA is a sequence of 5-8 lessons or learning activities that build upon one another towards a central focus. These lessons/activities may be part of a larger unit or program.

Pre-service teachers will submit lesson plans, copies of teaching resources and assessment materials, a 10-minute video clip of their teaching, teaching artifacts and analysis, a summary of whole class learning in schools or evidence of a child learning in an early childhood setting and an analysis of work samples. They will also submit descriptions of the teaching context and an analysis of their own teaching practices, reflecting on what they have learned about their own teaching practice and also about students'/children's learning.

Components of the Deakin ATA

Activity 1: Context for learning
Activity 2: Planning for teaching and learning Activity 3: Teaching and supporting learning Activity 4: Assessing learning
Activity 5: Reflecting on teaching & learning

1. Context for Learning
Description and commentary on context for learning.
Activity 1

2. Planning & Teaching

3. Teaching for Learning

4. Assessing Learning

5. Reflecting on Teaching & Learning

Plans. Resources.
Planning commentary.

Video clip(s). Commentary.

Analysis of individual and whole
group learning and achievement, with appropriate documentation and work samples.
Assessment commentary

Daily reflections. Reflective commentary.

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Assessment of the Deakin ATA

The Deakin ATA will be assessed according to criteria. The assessment will use rubrics framed by key questions related to the component activities and aligned with the VIT/ECA Standards of Professional Practice for Graduating Teachers. The rubrics reflect the quality of performance and discriminate the between levels of quality learning.

For more information on the Deakin ATA, preservice teachers can consult a separate Deakin ATA handbook.



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