Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary)

Please note this course will not be offered from 2015.

This section contains information about the Professional Experience (also referred to as the practicum placement, school experience or teaching round) to be undertaken by students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary) degree on the Geelong campus in 2012.

Professional Experience is an integral part of your course and you will be required to satisfactorily complete the Professional Experience requirements of the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary). You are expected to complete a minimum of 45 days of Professional Experience over the period of your course.

Due to the embedding of the Professional Standards of Teachers within the course structure, your Professional Experience will be more intense and reflect the principles of the standards. There will be an expectation by both the school and the university that your experience will be strongly grounded in teachers' practice, and also in the broader communities of practice which operate within schools.

The organisation of Professional Experience for the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary) is the responsibility of Dr Coral Campbell, Course Coordinator and the Professional Experience Officer. The Professional Experience Officer has the responsibility of placing students in schools each round and maintaining records of their progress. When arranging placements the Professional Experience Officer. takes into consideration the need for every student to experience different schools and a range of grade levels. It is a large and complex task. Students are normally placed in schools which have agreed to take Deakin students. We ask you not to approach the Professional Experience Officer seeking special placements.

Instructions for students logging in and questionnaire


Note: For further information in regards to Professional Experience Guidelines and Policies please click on the following link: Guidelines and Policies


Glenn Brown - Professional Experience Office

Dr Coral Campbell - Academic Coordinator

Course Structure

The following table illustrates the structure of your course and Professional Experience requirements:


Trimester 3

Creating Challenging Learning
Environments: Engaging Students (1cp)

Individuals and Social Contexts: The Humanities (1cp)

Planning and Assessing Effective
Learning: Mathematics (1cp)

Students' Learning of Language and Literacy (1cp)

Effective Teaching and Learning: Health and Physical Education (1cp)

3 days in schools (Observation)


Trimester 1

Planning and Assessing Effective Learning: Science and Technology (0.75cp)

The Teacher as Professional Educator (0.75cp)

Professional Experience 1 (0.25cp)

Professional Experience 2 (0.25cp)

Professional Experience 3 (0.25cp)

Individuals and Social Contexts: The Arts (0.75cp)


* School based units plus tutorials, contributing to trimester minimum of 45 days Professional Experience.

Summary of Requirements

45 days of Professional Experience during the course. It is expected that students will attend staff, faculty, curriculum and other meetings as part of their practicum and will participate fully in the life of the school.

Professional Experience

Student Planning

Teaching and other roles

Teacher Expectations

School One Placement
(20 days)
EEP704 & EEP705 (half)

In the first few days, students would be expected to observe and work with small groups of students. Lesson plans will be written for individual lessons until the student is teaching more that 3 hours each day.

Between days 6-15, students should be teaching 1-2 varied lessons each day as well as sequences across a week. In the final week, students would be expected to teach up to a half day.

Involvement in other school activities. Assist with organisation and planning of other school events.

Teacher to complete a mid- round review on day 11 and a final-round review on day 20.

School Two Placement
(25 days)
EEP705 (half) & EEP706

This round consolidates planning around whole class experiences and using appropriate work program formats.

Teaching builds from half days in the first few weeks to 10 days continuous full control in the last few weeks.

Involvement of student in other activities, taking on leadership or team role.

Teacher to complete mid-round review on day 11 and final- round review on the 25th day.

For currently enrolled Deakin students see the official Deakin University Handbook 2014 for detailed unit guidelines and expectations



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