Master of Teaching - Primary or Secondary
(including single and dual strands)



Burwood Contacts

Helen Mandeltort - M.Teach (Secondary)
Ph: 92446434

Sandra Collinson - M. Teach (Primary)
Ph: 9244 6980

Unit Chair Contacts

- Dr Kate Johnstone
Phone: 92446443

EPR702 - Dr Jeanne Allen
Phone: TBC

EPR703- Michelle Ludecke

EPR703 & EPR707 (Tri 2) - Dr Julianne Moss

EPR703 (Tri 3) - Julie Dyer
Phone: 92446725

Instructions for students logging in and questionnaire


Placement Expectations: For Supervising Teachers and Current Students

Early Childhood/Primary:

2nd Year - 31 day Placement - EPR707


1st Year - 10 day Placement - EPR701

1st Year - 25 day Placement - EPR702
2nd Year - 25 day Placement - EPR703


1st Year - 10 day Placement - EPR701

1st Year - 25 day Placement - EPR702
2nd Year - 25 day Placement - EPR703

: For further information in regards to Professional Experience Guidelines and Policies please click on the following link: Guidelines and Policies

For information regarding the Internship (EPR704): please contact Terry Roache on
If you require further information on course requirements please use the following link to the Deakin Handbook 2014 - EPR704 Internship

Important Dates: Please refer to the timetables in the strand sections for practicum dates. Preservice teachers must keep these days free of other commitments.

Monday 9 June 2014
- Preservice teachers will be asked to give an indication of strand pathway intentions.

Friday 15 August 2014 - Preservice teachers need to indicate if they intend studying over the trimester 3 period and will need to enroll in tri 3 units by this date. Please note down the receipt number as proof of your enrolment. Preservice teachers doing EPR703 in Trimester 3 will need to start their 25 day practicum in October prior to the start of Trimester 3.

Placement Structure:

The three professional experience units consist of both academic and practicum components. Both components of each unit have to be passed before preservice teachers can proceed to the next professional experience unit. Preservice teachers across the three strands of early childhood, primary and secondary teaching will all do the academic components of the three professional experience units together - EPR701, EPR702 and EPR703. Preservice teachers will be placed in a school or early childhood setting relevant to their particular strand.
  • Single Strand - students will complete a total of 60 days of practicum across the 3 professional experience units
  • Dual Strand - Primary and Seconday or Secondary and Primary students will complete both EPR701 (10 days) and EPR702 (25 days) in their first strand and EPR703 (25 days) in their second strand.
  • Students will also be required to complete additional days should they enrol in the Internship, Applied Learning, Research or Leadership strands, in the Trimester following the EPR703 placement.
If your require more information on each of the individual units please use the following links: EPR701, EPR702 and EPR703

Unit Days Expectations Setting
EPR701 10 day block Working with small groups or one-on-one as directed by the supervising teacher. In one school/setting
EPR702 25 day block Primary - after initial orientation, teach a sequence of lessons or learning experiences building to teaching for one full day by the end of the practicum.
- after initial orientation, teach one lesson per day in each method, leading up to 2 lessons per day if possible.
In the same school/setting as EPR701 if possible
EPR703 25 day block

Primary - by the end of this placement preservice teachers should be able to plan and teach for 5 sequential days of full control
- by the end of the placement period pre-service teachers should be able to plan and teach 2 lessons each day in each method.

Applied Learning
Plan and teach 2 lessons per day building towards 3 lessons per day.

All preservice teachers undertake the ATA - Authentic Teacher Assessment in EPR703

May be placed in a different primary school

May be placed in a different school - subject to availability of secondary methods.

TAFE, school or ACE setting

Dual Strand - Secondary First and Adding Primary

For pre-service teachers whose initial strand is secondary and who add primary as their other strand will do EPR701 and EPR702 in secondary schools and EPR703 in a primary school.

Dual Strand - Primary First and Adding Secondary

Pre-service teachers whose initial strand is primary and who add secondary as their additional strand, will need to check with the Secondary Strand Coordinator that they have sufficient qualifications for their two secondary methods. They will be placed in primary school for EPR701 and EPR702 and in a secondary school for EPR703 for both methods.

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