Professional Doctorates

Revised papers from the fifth Professional Doctorates conference

Working doctorates: the impact of Professional Doctorates in the workplace and professions

Deakin University

Editors: Tom W. Maxwell, Chris Hickey & Terry Evans


Cover Page: Professional Doctorates (37k)

Chapter 1: Introduction - Professional Doctorates: Working toward impact (51k) - T.W. Maxwell, Chris Hickey & Terry Evans

Chapter 2: Demonstrating Significance of Contributions to Professional Knowledge and Practice in Australian Professional Doctorate Programs: Impacts in the Workplace and Professions (106k) - Michael O'Mullane

Chapter 3: Why do a 'prof doc' when you can do a PhD? (72k) - Terry Evans, Peter Macauley, Margot Pearson & Karen Tregenza

Chapter 4: Respecting and Challenging the Candidate: Some Developments in Program Design (82k) - Susan Danby and Erica McWilliam

Chapter 5: Professional Doctorates in Psychology: Prospects for the Future (56k) - Edward Helmes & Nancy A. Pachana

Chapter 6: Does Professional Doctoral Education Improve Professional Performance? (54k) - Rolf Appelqvist, University College of Borås , Sweden

Chapter 7: Designing by Practice: A New Professional Doctorate in Design (57k) - Deirdre Barron, Lyndon Anderson & Simon Jackson

Chapter 8: 'Thinking Curriculum': framing research/education (118k) - Alison Lee

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