Research in Distance Education 5

Published 2001

Selected refereed papers from the 2000 Research in Distance Education conference

Deakin University

Editor: Terry Evans

Cover Page: RIDE 5 (20k)

Introduction: Improving research in distance education (100k) - Terry Evans

Chapter 1: Understanding students' learning 'from the inside': the early work of Alistair Morgan (245k) -

Chapter 2: On nearly becoming a sociologist: in memory of Alistair Morgan (152k) - Alan Woodley

Chapter 3: Improving research on students' learning: a critical reflection on the work of Alistair Morgan (186k) - Terry Evans & Daryl Nation

Chapter 4: The research-teaching nexus in tertiary distance education (175k) - Cynthia J White

Chapter 5: Educational technology: emergent qualities and unintended consequences (204k) - David Harris

Chapter 6: Doctoral research at a distance: are the deficits illusory? (190k) - Peter Macauley

Chapter 7: Experiencing flexible learning and teaching (182k) - Robyn Benson & Debra Kiegaldie

Chapter 8: The suitability of selected online instruments to help identify flexible learners' learning preferences (197k) -

Chapter 9: The effectiveness of distance education delivery methods in continuing education programs in Lesotho (20k) - Dele Braimoh

Chapter 10: Globalisation, new markets and design implications (166k) - Gayani Samarawickema

Chapter 11: Quality online participation: different voices, different equity (185k) - Susan Hutton

Chapter 12: Quality online participation: conceptualising my practice (145k) - Faye Wiesenberg

Chapter 13: Quality online participation: establishing social presence (226k) - Elizabeth Stacey

Chapter 14: Extending access to learning support: the development of an online learning support site (157k) - Jennifer Thompson

Contributors (133k)

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