Research in Distance Education 6

Published 2005

Selected refereed papers from the 2004 Research in Distance Education conference

Deakin University

Editors: Terry Evans, Peter Smith & Elizabeth Stacey

Cover Page: RIDE 6 (38k)

Chapter 1: Introduction - Improving research in distance education (33k) - Terry Evans, Peter Smith & Elizabeth Stacey

Chapter 2: Changing times in research? A speculative analysis of refereed contributions to Distance Education from 1980 to 2003 (65k) - Peter J Smith

Chapter 3: Invisible firewalls: Hidden barriers in conducting qualitative research in an open university (65k) - Hemlata Chari & Margaret Haughey

Chapter 4: Using narrative enquiry to explore some implications of developments in educational technology for distance education (64k) - Robyn Benson

Chapter 5: Recruiting research participants who learn online: complexities and solutions 65k) ( - Kim Munich & Elizabeth Stacey

Chapter 6: Renegotiating the Pedagogical Peace: a case study in online discussions for Undergraduate on campus students (88k) - Philippa Gerbic

Chapter 7: Problem-Based Learning Online (65k) - Elizabeth Stacey

Chapter 8: Showcasing examples of good practice in e-learning: an opportunity for research in distance education? (88k) - Robyn Benson, Gayani Samarawickrema & Margaret O'Connell

Chapter 9: Towards an Understanding of Attributes and Expertise in Distance Language Teaching: Tutor Maxims (111k) - Cynthia White, Linda Murphy, Monica Shelley, Uwe Baumann

Chapter 10: Managing change in an academic environment: the German programme at the OUUK (57k) - Uwe Baumann

Chapter 11: Getting to know more about our students of German (79k) - Monica Shelley

Chapter 12: Research issues arising from doctoral education at a distance (79k) - Terry Evans, Christopher Hickey & Heather Davis

Contributors (22k)

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