Arts Education Discipline Group

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The Arts Education discipline group aims to promote the need to research the role that the arts play in students' intellectual, physical, social and personal development, expanding student's awareness of cultural contexts and inclusiveness, and catering for areas of disadvantage and disability in education across all curricula.

Deakin University has the widest spread of expertise across the field of arts education of any Victorian university. The members of Arts Education discipline group at Deakin University represent the visual arts, media, music, dance and drama.

As well as maintaining high standards in teaching and in the development of innovative forms of learning media in pre-service and continuing teacher education in the Arts, the group aims to support research in the teaching and learning of the Arts. The Group's research areas incorporate research across primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and focus on individual arts disciplines as well as arts integration.

The presently-constituted Arts Education discipline group within the School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education includes members of the former Arts in Education Faculty Research Group which was formed in 2003.

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