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Deakin's Arts Education Centre in Second Life

The Arts Education Centre on Deakin Island in Second Life was developed by members of the Arts Education Teaching and Learning group from the School of Education and funded from the Deakin University Strategic Teaching and Learning Grants Program in 2007. The project reflects the University’s Strategic Teaching and Learning Plan through the development of an engaging and intellectually challenging e-learning environment, accessible to all students regardless of enrolment mode, or geographical location.

The project group’s focus was to create an immersive 3-D virtual Arts Education centre incorporating existing university web environments such as Blackboard (Vista), streaming audio and video, blogs and with links to outside web environments such as Flickr, Teacher Tube and Voice Thread.

Here, students design their own avatars to participate in teaching and learning activities, inworld, in the disciplines of Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Art. Students collaboratively design and build objects, such as musical instruments, participate in simulated arts learning and role playing, and mount exhibitions of their art works. They experience the sense of presence or ‘being there’ that comes across when interacting in that environment. These activities complement “real world” teaching and learning in selected Arts Education discipline units, from the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Teaching (Primary and Secondary) courses offered by the School of Education in the Faculty of Arts and Education.

Jenny Grenfell, Deakin Fellow, School of Education


Below: Take a look at Deakin's Arts Education Centre in Second Life





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