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For future HDR supervision, research areas of interest are listed in the individual staff profiles and staff welcome enquiries from prospective research students.


Supervision experience - Staff and HDR students have been involved in supervising and undertaking research in a range of projects such as the following research topics or areas:

Topic: Teachers' perceptions of their abilities to be educational leaders in long-day-care settings
Principal Supervisor: A Morrissey

Topic: The visibility of mathematics in preschool environments.
Principal Supervisor: S Groves. Associate Supervisors: A Morrissey and B Doig

Topic: Exploring professional learning through activity theory in early childhood workplaces.
Principal supervisor: D Blake. Associate Supervisors: L Paatsch & A Morrissey.

Topic: Investigating the Use of Maths Language in Early Childhood Settings
(Deakin's 1st Early Childhood PhD Student, granted a Scholarship, selected to go to Manchester)
Principal Supervisor: S Groves. Associate Supervisors: S Ohi & B Doig.

Topic: Developing Professional Learning Strategies for the Teaching of English in the Indonesian Preschool Settings.
Principal Supervisor: A Kostogriz, Associate Supervisors: S Ohi and A. Morrissey.

Topic: Exploring the quality of educator-child relationships on learning outcomes and wellbeing
Principal Supervisor Dr Bonnie Yim

Topic: Children’s involvement in dramatic play: An indicator of early childhood program quality
Principal Supervisor Dr Bonnie Yim, Associate Supervisors Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey and Dr Louise Paatch



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