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Research areas of interest for future HDR supervision are listed in the individual staff profiles and staff welcome enquiries from prospective research students.

HDR supervision experience - Staff have been involved in supervising research such as the following topics or areas:


Associate Professor Lyn Harrison

Lyn has supervised 14 PhD and Masters students to successful completion. Her current HDR principal supervision includes

  • Health and Welfare of Adult Female Bhutanese Refugees


Professor Chris Hickey

Over the past10 years Chris has supervised 16 Doctoral candidates through to successful completion. Current HDR principal supervision includes:

  • Monitoring Student Performance and Subject Selection in a Secondary School
  • Women teachers’ approaches to teaching physical education in all-boys schools.
  • Understanding the practice of cooperative education in sport tertiary education
  • Being a reader and being a man: Exploring the impact on young men's reading practices in Tunisia
  • Critical reflection within sport and recreation cooperative education
  • The role of peer groups in young males constructions and practices of risk taking.
  • Personal wellness in counselor education: A phenomenology


Dr Louise Mathews

Available to supervise Masters of Education (Research) and PhD students



Dr Debbie Ollis

  • Developing teacher identities in Physical Education Teacher Education
  • Does a whole-school peer-led approach reduce bullying?
  • The Health Promoting School Framework in an International School
  • Parents as sexuality educators: A qualitative study exploring the sexuality education discoursesused by parents to educate their children’.


Research programs available to prospective students





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