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Sexuality Education Matters
Preparing pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education

Debbie Ollis
Lyn Harrison
Claire Maharaj

Deakin University
Faculty of Arts and Education
School of Education
Burwood, Victoria

April 2013

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Suggested citation
Ollis, D, Harrison, L & Maharaj, C 2013, Sexuality Education Matters: Preparing pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education, Deakin University, Burwood, Vic

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Sexuality Education Matters is a Deakin University series of videos showing footage of pre-service teachers and lecturers discussing their experiences and challenges, as well as some examples of teaching and learning activities in action.

Building Capacity Research report

Authors: Debbie Ollis, Lyn Harrison and Anthony Richardson
May 2012

Building Capacity in Sexuality Education: The Northern Bay College Experience





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