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The Humanities discipline group comprises people with expertise and educational experience in civics and citizenship, geography, history, futures education, economics and enterprise, psychology, global education, indigenous education, and environmental education. The group is committed to researching and practising innovative teaching and learning strategies alongside new and creative technologies. Key aims in preparing humanities teachers for early childhood, primary and secondary settings are to encourage critically, reflective practice and classroom pedagogies that support student-centered, inquiry-based learning, connections to ‘real’ issues, people and places, knowledge of cultural and bio-diversity, creative and critical thinking skills and effective communication.

The team believes in the centrality of humanities in developing key values in students’ understandings of democratic processes, active citizenship, social justice, resilience, futures thinking, environmental sustainability and peace. An overarching endeavor is to develop cooperative and supportive research and learning communities which encourage critical engagement with, and collaborative exchange of, knowledge and ideas to help people to understand themselves and their world.




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The group welcomes enquiries from future HDR candidates, schools and the industry and business sector. We invite you to contact any of our staff to discuss future collaborations.



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