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The Humanities discipline group comprises people with a wide range of expertise and research experience in fields such as geography, history, futures education, psychology, global education, civics and citizenship, outdoor education and environmental (sustainability) education. An overarching focus of this group is research on curriculum and pedagogy and this is conducted in a range of contexts including higher education, primary education and rural/regional education settings. In the field of psychology broad research areas include student welfare, special education, gifted education and classroom management.

Dr Lou Preston
Areas of interest: Environmental Education, Geography Education, Outdoor Education, Humanities Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Place and Space, Teacher Education
Qualitative research methodologies: Discourse analysis, Case studies, Longitudinal study, Participatory Action Research, Critical theory, Post-structuralist theory

Assoc Prof Bernadette Walker-Gibbs
Areas of interest: Rural education, New literacies/technologies, Community/university networks and partnerships
Qualitative research methodologies: Narrative analysis, Critical theory, Post-structuralist theory, Baudrillard

Dr Claire Spicer (Psychology)
Areas of interest: Student welfare and wellbeing, Gifted education, Special education settings, Behaviour management, Students with Dsycalculia, Assessment of musicality, Self-efficacy
Quantitative research methodologies, including regression analyses; anova, manova, correlations.
Qualitative research methodologies including survey analysis and case studies. 

Dr Andrea Gallant - see Education Policy, Professionalism, Leadership and Internationalisation Discipline group


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