Science, Technology and Environmental Education

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The Deakin Science Education team is composed of researchers and practitioners with a history of engagement with teachers and students at all education levels, and a commitment to quality teaching and learning.

All the team have proven track records in unit and program design and delivery at the professional development, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The team has a high level of research expertise, reflected in their outstanding record of obtaining ARC and contracted professional learning and research funding.

They have worked with primary and secondary teachers and schools in varied research and professional learning settings, often over a decade or more. Their research centres on innovative pedagogies and teacher learning processes that are closely aligned with current developments in the field.

The Deakin team has strong connections with schools in metropolitan, regional and rural areas and runs an innovative pre-service program involving partnerships and close liaison with primary schools.




Contact us

The group welcomes enquiries from future HDR candidates, schools and the industry and business sector.

We invite you to contact any of our staff to discuss future collaborations.


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