Papers from the Symposium

Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education

25-26 November 2010
Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus

Cross, Russell. "A social, cultural and political framework for educational research methodology."

Clarke, David."A less partial vision: Using multi-theoretical research desigs to study mathematics and science classrooms."

Soejatminah, Sri. "Using mixed-methods to investgate the student teacher learning outcomes."

Tytler, R. Hubber, P. and Chittleborough, G. "A cross national study of teaching and learning in primary science classrooms."

Chandler, Paul. "Rethinking computer science from a representational approach."

Cripps Clark, John. "Training animals at the zoo: What's the use of socio-cultural-historical-activity theories?"

Fitzgerald, Dennis. "Case study using CHAT theory to analyse the introduction of technolgy into a science subject"

Jobling, W., Campbell, C. and Chittleborough, G. "Effects of a science professional learning model focusing on the needs and interests of local school communities."

Barazza, L. and Bodenhorn, B."Can science be taught to build a sustainable society?"

Williams, Gaye. "Redefining methodology to address new questions raised."

Xu, Li Hua. "Understanding, representing, and transforming student learning through digital video."

Groves, Susie. "Using software packages to assist with analysis of video-recorded classroom interactions."

Arnold, Jenny. "Data generation and Representaiton of Science Classroom Discourse: A case study using multiple cameras."

Dunning, Trisha. "Researching Clinical Practice."

Meldrum, Kathryn. "Structural equation modelling."

Kakkinen, Christine. "Using item response to interrogate survey data."

Loong, Esther. "Online surveys: What, why, and how."

Castano, Carloina. "The researcher as a reflective participant in planning an intervention to ameliorate violence."

Cole, Marilyn. "Hermeneutic phenomenological approaches in research with children."

Dawson, Phillip. "Researching student contributions to the read-write web: Ethics and consent in a public space."

Darby, L. and Davis R. "Finding a common story: Synthesising findings from two research programs."

Tan, Hazel. "Recruitment of participants using Facebook."

Hill, Janelle. "Mapping NAPLAN items against VELS progression points: Two sides of the same coin?"

Palmer, Bill. "Seeking the elusive: the stories of science writers"

Bottomley, David. "Student engagement in science, England 1790-1890: problems in evaluation"

Symington, D. and Tytler, R. "Editors and Referees: Friends or Foes?"




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