Papers from the Symposium

Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education

November 29-30, 2012


Anakin, Megan
Juxtaposing Modes of Inquiry

Chandler Paul, Reynolds Nicholas, and Redman Christine
Using the 'Most Significant Change' Methodology to Study Innovations in Pre-Service Science Education

Cripps Clark, John
Researching Concept Mapping Using Cultural Historical Activity Theory: Collaboration and Activity in the Zone of Proximal Development

Daniel, Scott
Satisficing in Survey Design

Fawns Rod, Di Maggio Sol and Roe Robert.
Time to Celebrate the Stories of Science Teachers

Ferguson, Joseph
Semiotic Analysis of Students' Use of Multi-Agent Based Modeling Software (NetLogo) in Making Meaning of Complex Systems in Science

Herbert, Sandra
Phenomenographic Investigation of Rate

Hobbs, Dr Linda , Campbell Coral , Herbert Sandra and Cole Marilyn.
Discipline-related commitments and identities of out-of field early career teachers

Kusznirczuk, John
In Search of the Zone of Proximal Development: Introducing a Map used to Navigate a Confusion of Categories and Things

Prodromou, Theodosia
Designed Experiments In Mathematics Education Research

Said, Hardimah
Teachers' Narratives: Insights into the Norm of Practice

Shirazian, Zahra P
A Framework for Describing Some Aspects of PCK

Tytler, Russell
Methodological framing of comparative video analysis of reasoning in science classrooms


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