Papers from the Symposium

Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education

November 24-25, 2011


Arnold, Jenny
Operationalising Agency for Classroom Research

Atoche - Rodriguez, Karla
Teachers' Experiences Evaluating an Environmental Education Project in a Primary School in Yucatan, Mexico

Campbell, Coral and Williams, Gay
Development of Enhanced Curriculum through Student-based Research

Duncan, Jacinta C. and Chandler, Paul D.
A Community of Practice for Early Career Biology Teachers: Social Networking and Digital Technologies

Fitzgerald, Angela
Through the Viewfinder: Reflecting on Video Ethnography as an Approach to Classroom-Based Research

Moss, Julianne and Tytler, Russell
What are we looking at? Thinking about the 'visual' in video based classroom research

Palmer, William P.
The Power of the Press: Using Newspaper Derived Materials in Historical Science Research

Tytler, Russell
Characterising reasoning in science classrooms

Wadick, Ariel
Young Children's Engagement with Environmental Sustainability

Wilson, Kimberley
'Teach us How to Think About Science' - Developing a Curriculum Framework for a Flexible Learning Centre Context

Williams, Gaye
Is There Design Potential to Examine Overlaps Between Confidence, Persistence, and Optimism?

Wright, Frederick H
Culturaly and Linguistically Diverse Students: How do they see themselves as learners?

Wu, Margaret
Item Response Modeling and its Applications Keynote speaker


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