Prof Jill Blackmore - 2005

Quality and Educational Research

Quality has become a primary distinguisher amongst universities in what has become a highly competitive globalised education sector.  In 2004, the Australian federal government proposed that a Quality and Accessibility of Research Framework be developed during 2005, and subsequently has sought to initiate debates through discussion papers. Studies and reviews of extant research assessment exercises in Europe, England  and New Zealand indicate that RAEs have had significant impact on the type of research that is done, by whom and how, with often detrimental implications for educational research as an interdisciplinary  field of  research and a professional practice. This project will, through a comparative case study(UK, Canada, USA and Norway), first, consider the implications of these policy agendas for educational research in Australia; and, second,  investigate howeducational researchers in these nation states understand quality with regards to different research paradigms and audiences.

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