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Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation


Julie Dyer- 2008

Learning across latitudes: Australia, Denmark and Malaysia


Students in Malaysia, Denmark and Australia are studying to become teachers. In a world where students have access to virtual connected communities there are opportunities to explore what it means to teach in a world now that is global in outlook and influences. This project facilitates opportunities for students through a Deakin ITL supported social software to communicate across Europe, Asia and Australia.

The focus questionfor this research is 'how am I a global teacher?' In what ways has the community of learners across three continents contributed and expnaded my notions of both the world and to being a global teacher. Particular concepts of citizenship and globalisation will be compared and contrasted as a way of expanding notions of both citizenship and globalisation.

The aims of this research are to:

  • construct 'global' teaching identities
  • further regional and international partnerships
  • embed relevance to teaching programs
  • facilitate a connected community of learners
  • implement an effective teaching-research nexus
  • enrich the student experience
  • develop inter-cultural understanding and cultural competence
  • extend existing pedagogies

The significance of this research is: its span over three continents; extension of existing collaborative partnerships; proposal for new ways of thinking about global teaching; enrichment of the student experience at Deakin and; to build knowledge through interactive pedagogies.


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25th July 2008