Aceh delegation experience AFL match - May 2011

Faculty of Arts and Education International Group and Education postgraduate students from Aceh at the MCG on 21 May 2011 (with 84,000 other spectators)

Attending a game of football at one of the world's most famous sporting grounds - the MCG (known as the Melbourne Cricket Ground) - to better understand Australian culture and its love of sport, especially Australian Rules Football held during the winter months.

In 2005 Essendon Football Club joined the AFL, Richmond Football Club, the MCC and The Long Walk in establishing the annual 'Dreamtime at the G' game - a match dedicated to celebrating the role Australian Rules Football has played in building bridges between indigenous and non-indigenous Australia.

In the past four years the game has grown significantly - and the AFL established an annual indigenous round with the 'Dreamtime at the G' game the flagship event.

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