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Dual Degree Program 2011 - 12

group photo at Syiah Kuala University

With the theme “Enlightening Acehnese Education through Dual Degree Program”, the farewell party for the dual degree class was held on 26 January, 2012 in the seminar room of the Postgraduate program at Syiah Kuala University. Twenty two post graduate students from Aceh will be joining Deakin in Trimester 1, 2012, studying Master of TESOL.

The first speech was delivered by the class representative, followed by a response by Sofyan A. Gani who is the Head of the Postgraduate for English Teaching Program. Next to speak was the representative of the Human Resource Development Commission of Aceh, Deputy Coordinator, Mr. Idris Ibrahim, and the final speech was given by Mr. Syamsul Rizal, the Second Assistant to the Rector of Syiah Kuala University.

All candidates of the Dual Degree program attended the event. This special program will inspire their motivation to be more productive when they complete their studies in both Syiah Kuala University and Deakin University in Australia. The candidates have been studying for about eight months at Syiah Kuala University and in late February will travel to Australia to study at Deakin University for about the same length of time. This MTESOL program has been designed differently from previous cohorts. Those students did not have an opportunity to deepen their exposure to Australian culture. However, this coming group will stay neither in a dorm nor in apartments but each of them will live with a homestay family. It is hoped that everybody will improve their ability to express ideas using English and they might have a range of different experiences among them. It is very important that they gain new experience because they have to face a globalized world in Aceh at this time in history. This was reflected in the sub-theme of the farewell which was “Think globally, act locally.” These marvellous words describe each candidate’s approach to the Dual Degree program where they have to be open to the world in terms of gaining knowledge and experience while at the same time, they should also be down-to-earth people who don’t forget their cultural and religious roots.

At the close of the event, a farewell lunch was enjoyed together. Every lecturer of this program and all members of the postgraduate and HRDC participated in this farewell party. It was a successful event and a thoughtful gesture that was greatly appreciated by the Dual Degree participants.




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