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Internship contacts

Contacts are detailed under the various steps associated with the internship process, full details of which are provided in the Internship Information pack.

There are two key people that you will be dealing with:

  1. The Unit Chair who is responsible for approving your internship placement, acting as your academic supervisor while you are on placement, and assessing your performance and assignment work for the internship unit. You will need to meet with the Unit Chair early on in the process of securing an internship placement to discuss options, timeframes, your interests and goals (see ‘Procedure’).

  2. The Experiential Learning Officer (ELO) who is responsible for liaising with you about enrolment in the internship unit, travel arrangements, insurance and so forth once your placement has been approved. You may need to contact the ELO early on in the internship process to complete a course map (see Step 2 in the Internship Information Pack).

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