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The Bachelor of International Studies is for students seeking an international orientation to their studies. A key feature of the course is the international study component. Students can select one or more of the following options:

  • international internship;
  • exchange or study abroad (through Deakin International's Education Abroad office);
  • in-country language programs; and
  • other approved study programs.

 The International Internship is an experiential learning unit, where a student works with an organisation based overseas, or in some circumstances an internationally-oriented organisation based in Australia. The content of the unit is primarily the internship itself. It is not, however, simply ‘work experience’, and it does not involve simply shadowing staff at your host organisation. It is also not a holiday - although it can certainly be great fun and a fantastic challenge.

Your internship must be carefully planned to meet your academic and personal interests and objectives. It is expected that as an intern you will draw heavily on the competencies you have developed at Deakin University, and you are expected to have progressed sufficiently in your studies to be able to apply aspects of theory to practical workplace experiences and observations.

By the completion of your internship, you will have extended existing skills, acquired new skills and developed a broader knowledge base. This of course benefits your career pursuits. An internship also further develops your personal attributes. For example, working overseas and experiencing different cultural settings develops personal qualities such as flexibility, awareness, maturity, tolerance, and communication skills.

Experience has shown that the Bachelor of International Studies internship program greatly assists graduates when it comes to the competitive job market.

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