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Full details of the procedure you must follow in securing an internship can be found in the Bachelor of International Studies' International Internship Information Pack. However, below is a step by step summary.

Step Action
1 Pre-planning: think, plan, question, prepare (from early in your second year) Plan, question, research
Where do you want to go?
What do you want to achieve?
What sort of organisation would you like to work with?
2 Expression of interest
(six months before your intended internship)
Decide on when you would like to undertake your internship
Clarify objectives, preferred country, what you want to achieve
List potential host organisations
Submit Expression of Interest Form and Resume to Unit Chair
Prepare cover letter(s) aimed at host organisations
Meet with Unit Chair and obtain approval to approach potential host organisations
Apply for a Faculty Travel Grant
3 Securing your internship (approximately three months before you leave) Establish your host organisation
Obtain offer of placement from host organisation (including duties, placement duration, supervisor contact details) and forward to
Unit Chair
Consult with Unit Chair: once satisfied with placement arrangements, the Unit Chair will approve your enrolment in the internship unit
Consult with Faculty Experiential Learning Officer: complete internship application (online); enrol in unit; complete risk management tasks
Ensure that you have a current passport
4 Pre-departure preparation
(one month before you leave)
Finalise itinerary, arrange tickets, travel and accommodation
Finalise budget and obtain necessary funds
Obtain necessary visas
Research medical risks; pre-departure medical check up and inoculations
Ensure you have insurance cover for travel beyond the internship placement
Research the country: customs, language, religious and cultural practices
Discuss the assessment requirements with the Unit Chair
Make your first journal posting on DSO - before you leave!
5 Internship - GO! Fulfil position obligations
Post regular journal updates on DSO
Ensure that you are aware of what is required in terms of your main item of assessment (the project) and are working on this
Reflect on what you are learning as a student of International Studies
6 Completion of internship: reflect and evaluate Start work on post-internship assessment task (refer to Unit Guide)
Complete Student Evaluation form
We ask your host organisation to complete the Host Organisation Evaluation form, but please remind them to complete and return this
Attend debriefing session with Unit Chair
Reflect on what you have learnt; compare achievements to objectives
Submit final assessment




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