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Host organisation responsibilities

  • Ensure that during the internship the intern receives meaningful, industry-based educational opportunities involving a range of relevant tasks and activities. Care must be taken to establish, as far as practicable, that these tasks are realisable within the timeframe involved. It is desirable that during the first day of the internship, the intern meets with his or her host supervisor to formally set out the activities to be undertaken.
  • Provide the intern with adequate induction and orientation training, including training in safe work procedures and emergency procedures. The intern is to be provided with copies of or access to those rules, procedures and so forth of the host organisation that are relevant to the internship, including those relating to health and safety, security and emergency procedures.
  • Appoint a suitably qualified member of the organisation to act as supervisor and mentor for the intern, who will maintain regular contact with the intern during the internship. Even though the intern and host organisation supervisor may be working side-by-side during the internship, feedback in the form of thoughtful, focussed discussions at points in the placement is necessary.
  • Liaise as necessary with the Internship Co-ordinator (Unit Chair) at Deakin University throughout the internship.
  • At the end of the internship complete a Host Evaluation which provides formal feedback on the student's performance and accomplishments during the internship.

Intern responsibilities

  • Unless otherwise stated or agreed the intern is responsible for all costs associated with: travel to and from the organisation, passports and visas, accommodation and living, travel insurance, vaccinations, health insurance, clothing and personal expenses and other incidental expenses incurred during the course of internship. The host organisation is not obliged to pay the student while undertaking an internship.
  • To dress and behave in an appropriate and culturally sensitive manner. When engaging in internship activities it is appropriate that interns dress somewhat more formally than is generally the case on University campuses.
  • To attend on placement with the host organisation on the agreed time basis and advise their supervisor at the earliest opportunity if unable to attend on any given day or days due to illness or such. Any accident or injury must be reported to both the host organisation supervisor and the Internship Unit Chair.
  • To maintain regular contact with the Internship Unit Chair via a reflective online journal or other appropriate means.
  • When approaching third parties for information it is appropriate that interns explain that they are a Deakin University student completing an internship under the supervision of ‘x’ at ‘y’ organisation. It is important that interns do not convey the impression that they are employees of either the University or the host organisation.
  • Interns are bound by the rules, regulations, protocols, procedures and by-laws of the host organisation, as advised to them by the host organisation, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of information concerning the business affairs of the host organisation.



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