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A Teaching Round in Vanuatu

a global experience in vanuatu As a part of her Bachelor of Education (Primary), Romy Braitberg took part in the Global Experience Program, travelling to Vanuatu to undertake one of her teaching rounds.  

Romy had always wanted to teach in a different culture, so when the opportunity arose to be a part of the Global Experience Program, she jumped at the chance.

Teaching in Vanuatu allowed Romy to gain first hand experience in how the education system works abroad; as well as many insights into the culture of Vanuatu.

The highlight of her experience was “…learning about a different culture and an entirely different education system whilst experiencing things I would have never been able to experience living in Australia.  I went along to a wedding and a funeral while I was in Vanuatu both of which I found very different to those they have in Melbourne.” Romy said

“This opportunity also broadened my horizons and has made me want to teach overseas again.” She said.

Romy found the experience has helped her learn more about herself, and to learn about other teaching techniques which will help her in her career as a teacher.

The experience of teaching overseas has given Romy further insight into the education system, and has inspired her to teach overseas after graduation.


Romy at work during her Vanuatu teaching round
Romy at work during her Vanuatu teaching round.


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