In-country Language Programs

In-Country Language programs are available to students completing a major sequence in either Arabic, Chinese of Indonesian.

Programs are currently offered at:

  • Nanjing Normal University, China; and
  • Universitas Islam Negeri Malang, Indonesia.

In-Country Language programs provide a 'total immersion' experience, offering second, third and advanced level students the opportunity to spend between six and eight weeks studying the respective language and culture in its own environment.

The programs enable students to converse, read and write about more complex topics and to discuss ideas and information. Students also build upon their knowledge of grammar, based on what they have learned previoulsy.

By living and interacting with the community around them, students develop confidence and competence using the language in the setting where it is spoken.

Students gain academic credit for their participation.

In-Country Programs are open to students who have completed specified pre-requisite units, as well as non-Deakin students (by cross-institutional enrolment).


In-country Language Programs


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