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An internship is available to undergraduate students in their third year of study, and during their final trimester for postgraduate students.

Internship units require the student to complete a minimum number of hours in the workplace. This can be in one block (usually about three weeks fulltime work) or part-time over a longer period. Students should refer to the handbook entry for the specific internship unit requirements.

There is a procedure that needs to be adhered to before a placement and enrolment can be approved.

Interested students should go to the Student Mobility CloudDeakin site and complete the online Pre-Internship Program. The program is designed to help all students prepare for their internship. At the successful completion of the program an automatic email will be sent through to the Student Mobility Office (SMO) advising of success.

Once the student has completed the pre placement program and agreed to dates and tasks with their potential host organisation they can officially apply. They will need to click on the 'apply here' button at the right-hand side of the page (Deakin login and password is required) and complete the form. The submitted form will go through to the SMO where it will be submitted for final approval to the unit chair. Once this approval has been received an agreement with the host organisation and student will be drawn up sent through to the host supervisor along with details of Deakin's public liability insurance which covers the student while they are on placement.   

Finally, once everything is agreed and in place, the SMO will email the student advising them to that they can formally complete their enrolment in the internship unit on StudentConnect.

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georgie wilson

"My internship gave me real life experience and insight into the industry I had been learning about over the years at university. It allowed me to put what I'd been studying into practice and develop knowledge and skills in a way that I wouldn't have been able to through studying alone." Georgie Wilson, Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations)

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