US Congress Internships

The Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme (UCWIP) is a competitive program seeking bright, articulate students who can:

  • Serve as ambassadors for Australia;
  • Understand and appreciate the American political system; and
  • Benefit from the experience academically, professional and personally

Interns are accorded a unique perspective and access to the US political system and institutions - an opportunity which sets the successful interns apart from the majority of their peers.

UCWIP was created in 1999 in Washington, DC, by Eric K. Federing. Federing is a former senior congressional advisor of twelve years, serving as communications director for Representative Norm Mineta of California, the House Transportation Committee and Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

Federing has also lectured on American government, politics and news media at numerous universities, and is a Board member of the National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC). The NCOC is a congressionally-chartered non-profit organisation.

Federing is currently Director of Business Public Policy, Government Affairs, for KPMG.




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