Staff ARC successes

The School of Education was successful in four ARC (Australian Research Council) grants in the current round - two Discovery grants and two Linkage grants.

This is an exceptional result and provides tangible evidence of the quality work being done in the School. A special thanks must go to Professor Jill Blackmore who facilitated the collaborative review process which provided rigorous feedback and guidance to all applicants.

ARC  Discovery 2011 Funding

Prof Jill A  Blackmore, Prof Susan A Wright, Prof Nelly Stromquist, Asst Prof Peiying C  Chen, A/Prof Hildegard Macha
Leadership  in entrepreneurial universities: cross-national investigations of engagement  and diversity

Prof Russell W Tytler, Prof Mark W Hackling, Dr Peter J  Hubber, Dr Gail D Chittleborough, Dr Karen J Murcia, Prof Dr Joerg Ramseger,  Prof Hsiao-Lan S Chen, Prof Chao-Ti J Hsiung
Exploring quality primary education in different cultures:  a cross-national study of teaching and learning in primary science classrooms

ARC  Linkage Round 1, 2011 Funding

A/Prof Mary Dixon, Dr Paul F Reitano, Dr Kim A Senior, Dr  Nicole C Green, A/Prof Anthony I Taylor
Moments in Time: Investigating  a National History Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings and Primary Classrooms

Prof Diane  E Mayer, Prof Brenton Doecke, Prof Richard J Bates, A/Prof Mary Dixon, A/Prof Alex Kostogriz, A/Prof Andrea C Allard, A/Prof Simone J White, Dr Bernadette M Walker-Gibbs, Dr Leonie  O Rowan, Prof Claire M Wyatt-Smith
Investigating the  effectiveness of teacher education for early career teachers in diverse  settings: A longitudinal study


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