Deakin helps Hawthorn kick goals

motion capture equipment - Deakin University

Packing down the equipment at the Melbourne Burwood Campus

setting up cameras on tripods

Deakin Motion.Lab coordinator setting up equipment at Waverley Park

screen image of marker placement

47 markers were placed by David Rath on the motion capture suit worn by the players

In another first for the Deakin Motion.Lab, and perhaps of interest to AFL fans, the facility recently conducted its first major ‘off site’ work.

As the most technologically advanced motion capture facility in Australia, the lab was hired by David Rath, High Performance Coach of the Hawthorn Football Club, and used to capture data to determine how players make contact with the ball. Those players involved were Matt Suckling, Shane Savage, Grant Birchall, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson, and Will Sierakowski. Each player took approximately 30 kicks while wearing the special motion capture suit, and the high tech equipment captured the movements of each player.

The 24 Eagle 4 cameras and computer system, which is usually only used in the studio at Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus, was packed down and moved to Waverley Park where it was at home for a day at the Hawthorn Football Club.

Although the off-site situation created new challenges for the Deakin Motion.Lab Coordinator to manage, such as the sunlight in the room that affects the cameras and system, different flooring suspension, and where tripods provide the only mounting for the cameras in a busy room, the end result was managed beautifully and for the first time, the Deakin Motion.Lab captured data at 200 frames per second.


Hawthorn Football Club room at Waverley Park

Cameras in the Hawthorn Football Club at Waverley Park

volume captured and showing camera positions

Volume captured (10 x 10 x 2.5 metres) and camera positions shown

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