U.S. Congress Washington Internship Program

Each year the Faculty of Arts and Education invites interested students to put forward an application for one of 12 internships with the United States Congress, through the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program (UCWIP).

UCWIP seeks bright, articulate students who can serve as ambassadors for Australia; understand and appreciate the American political process; and benefit from the experience academically and professionally.

In 2010, 58 applications were put forward from eight Universities across Australia, and two students from Deakin University, Sam Kealey and Catherine Maher, were successful in their application. They will now undertake an internship over the summer break of 2010/11.

Internship placements are offered in both Democratic and Republican offices; personal and committee offices; the House and the Senate; and one congressional commission office, and successful students are accorded a unique perspective and access to the US political system and institutions.

The duration of the internship is eight weeks, commencing in the first full week of January and ending in the last full week of February.

In 2010, Sam has been placed with the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (also known as the Helsinki Commission), and Catherine will take up a position in the office of Representative Alcee Hastings (Democrat of Florida).

Deakin has been involved in the internship program each year since 2004, and has had a total of 11 students selected.

Sam and Catherine have recorded excellent results so far in their studies at Deakin University, and the Faculty of Arts and Education is proud to have two such outstanding students represent the University in such an important international institution.

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