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Nocturnal Migration - behind the scenes

The Deakin Motion.Lab team is proud to announce their first project involving a semi-wild quadruped - a deer used in the newest television campaign for Tooheys Extra Dry.

The video below includes some behind the scenes footage from the motion capture shoot.


Post production company Alt.vfx contracted the Deakin Motion.Lab to motion capture and retarget the movements of a live deer onto their digital deer replica. 44 shots were tracked, solved, animated and delivered to Alt.vfx for use in the 1 minute long television commercial. Alt.vfx then added their own animation magic, crowd simulations and fur to the beasts before rendering and compositing it all together with live footage. The result is a spectacular TV ad filled with cheeky deer!


** Alt.vfx wins Gold Mobius award for 'Nocturnal Migration' **
Alt.vfx takes home the First Place Golden Statuette (Visual Effects/Television) in the 2011 Mobius Awards, for their "Nocturnal Migration" commercial ( The clever use of motion capture technology mixed with live-action footage of deer roaming the streets of Auckland, has become a worldwide smash hit.

Deakin Motion.Lab is proud to be associated with this product, and it's extremely satisfying to see that the hard and challenging work of motion capturing a deer has resulted in such a brilliant end-product


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