Australian Research Council (ARC) grants

The Australian Research Council (ARC) plays a key role in the Australian Government's investment in the future prosperity and well-being of the Australian community. The ARC's mission is to advance Australia's capacity to undertake quality research that brings economic, social and cultural benefit to the Australian community.

Full listing of all ARC grants awarded within the faculty for first year funding 2006 - 2013. In addition to the many projects undertaken through successful external funding, faculty staff are also engaged on research activity funded by Deakin internal grants. These activities are detailed on the relevant Strategic Research Centres and Schools web pages.

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Faculty of Arts and Education research projects funded by ARC (first year funding 2013)

Social justice dispositions informing teachers' pedagogy in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools
Prof Trevor Gale; Dr Russell Cross; Dr Carmen E Mills
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation
: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: This project studies the different perspectives that teachers have towards social justice and how these differently influence their teaching in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools. It will produce new concepts and methods for researching educational inequalities and to better enable teachers to act in more socially just ways

Islamic religiosity and challenge of political engagement and national belonging in multicultural western cities
Prof Fethi Mansouri; Dr Michele A Lobo; Prof Bryan S Turner
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Project Summary: This project will investigate how participation in Islamic religious practices strengthens attachments to the western cities where Muslims have chosen to live. It will contribute to global, national and local policy outcomes that focus on the challenges of accommodating minority religions in diverse western cities

The legacy of Tim Winton
Prof Lyn M McCredden
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary: While Tim Winton's fiction has received many prizes and has a wide readership, yet it has not received sustained critical attention. It is important that Winton's legacy is assessed and valued, acknowledging both his national and international popularity and the literary power of his writing.

Shared belonging in Australia: public space and intercultural relations in suburban Darwin
Dr Michele A Lobo
2013, 2014, 2015
Funded Participant:
Dr Michele A Lobo, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project aims to develop a multi-layered and multidimensional understanding of public spaces in suburban Darwin, a Larrakian city. In particular it seeks to respect and value insights from people who have experienced dispossession and displacement such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and racialised migrants.

Projects with Faculty of Arts and Education personnel but led by another faculty

Intangible cultural heritage across borders: laws, structures and strategies in China and its Association of Southeast Asian Nations neighbours
Prof Christoph Antons; Prof William S Logan; A/Prof Carol Warren; Prof Jianfu Chen
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law
Project Summary:This project explores the way selected Asian countries have implemented international concepts regarding intangible cultural heritage and how cross-border conflicts about heritage have resulted from different interpretations of related 'rights'. This project develops proposals for international reconciliation and cooperation in heritage protection

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