Australian Research Council (ARC) grants

The Australian Research Council (ARC) plays a key role in the Australian Government's investment in the future prosperity and well-being of the Australian community. The ARC's mission is to advance Australia's capacity to undertake quality research that brings economic, social and cultural benefit to the Australian community.

This page contains a listing of all ARC grants awarded within the faculty for first year funding 2006 - 2013. In addition to the many projects undertaken through successful external funding, faculty staff are also engaged on research activity funded by Deakin internal grants. These activities are detailed on the relevant Strategic Research Centres and Schools web pages.

Projects do not end at the completion of the funding timeframe. The project team consolidates the research material into publication format and this process normally commences prior to funding completion and continues after funding ceases. Therefore many of the projects below where funding has ceased, will still be current.

Annual Listings: 2010 2011 2012 2013

Projects funded commencing 2013

Social justice dispositions informing teachers' pedagogy in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools
Prof Trevor Gale; Dr Russell Cross; Dr Carmen E Mills
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation
: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: This project studies the different perspectives that teachers have towards social justice and how these differently influence their teaching in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools. It will produce new concepts and methods for researching educational inequalities and to better enable teachers to act in more socially just ways

Islamic religiosity and challenge of political engagement and national belonging in multicultural western cities
Prof Fethi Mansouri; Dr Michele A Lobo; Prof Bryan S Turner
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Project Summary: This project will investigate how participation in Islamic religious practices strengthens attachments to the western cities where Muslims have chosen to live. It will contribute to global, national and local policy outcomes that focus on the challenges of accommodating minority religions in diverse western cities

The legacy of Tim Winton
Prof Lyn M McCredden
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary: While Tim Winton's fiction has received many prizes and has a wide readership, yet it has not received sustained critical attention. It is important that Winton's legacy is assessed and valued, acknowledging both his national and international popularity and the literary power of his writing.

Shared belonging in Australia: public space and intercultural relations in suburban Darwin
Dr Michele A Lobo
2013, 2014, 2015
Funded Participant:
Dr Michele A Lobo, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project aims to develop a multi-layered and multidimensional understanding of public spaces in suburban Darwin, a Larrakian city. In particular it seeks to respect and value insights from people who have experienced dispossession and displacement such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and racialised migrants.

Projects with Faculty of Arts and Education personnel but led by another faculty

Intangible cultural heritage across borders: laws, structures and strategies in China and its Association of Southeast Asian Nations neighbours
Prof Christoph Antons; Prof William S Logan; A/Prof Carol Warren; Prof Jianfu Chen
2013, 2014, 2015
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law
Project Summary: This project explores the way selected Asian countries have implemented international concepts regarding intangible cultural heritage and how cross-border conflicts about heritage have resulted from different interpretations of related 'rights'. This project develops proposals for international reconciliation and cooperation in heritage protection

Projects funded commencing 2012

Investigating the dynamics of migration and health in Australia: a longitudinal study
Dr S Jatrana
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, Alfred Deakin Research Institute
Project Summary: This project will investigate the dynamics of changes in health and the factors that moderate or otherwise influence those changes over time among immigrants relative to non-immigrants in Australia. This understanding will contribute to several areas of policy formulation, in turn allowing the question 'how can we best intervene' to be answered.

Towards better multidimensional well-being measurement
Prof M McGillivray
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, Alfred Deakin Research Institute
Project Summary: The research will develop enhanced multidimensional measures of well-being and provide guidance that will significantly improve their use and interpretation. It will provide insights that will better inform policies aimed at higher well-being levels.

Enhancing the quality of science learning through a representation-intensive pedagogy
Prof R Tytler; Prof V Prain; A/Prof G Hoban; A/Prof P Aubusson; Dr P Hubber; Dr G Chittleborough
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: This project will investigate the quality of science learning occurring through an approach to teaching that involves students generating, negotiating and evaluating representations of scientific concepts. Students will generate multi- modal representations using digital technologies, linking to the new Australian science curriculum.

Only at the movies: mapping the contemporary Australian cinema market
Prof D Verhoeven ; Prof R Maltby; A/Prof C Arrowsmith; Dr K Bowles; Dr B Coate
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary: Only at the movies? is a three-year project that asks: What is the enduring appeal of cinemagoing and how is it changing? It will provide detailed analyses of formal film exhibition and distribution in Australia by combining economic, cultural and geospatial research with industry expertise.

Building innovative capacity in Australian dance through new visualization technologies
A/Prof K Vincs
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary: Innovation is a core value of contemporary dance and a key driver of dance companies' artistic and economic growth. This project will enhance the innovative capacity of Australian dance by providing new methods for creating dance that integrates dance artistry with new technological advances in digital imagery.

Collecting institutions: cultural diversity and the making of citizenship in Australia since the
A/Prof A Witcomb; Dr K Message; Dr I McShane; Prof S Knell; Prof Amundsen
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary: This project will develop the first comprehensive history of the engagement of the Australian collecting sector with cultural diversity. It aims to understand the role of the sector in the management and promotion of culturally diverse societies, including the formation of citizens and to identify Australian innovation in this regard.

DE120100315 (DECRA)
Measuring the destruction of heritage and spikes of violence in Iraq
Dr B Isakhan
2012, 2013, 2014
Funded Participant: Dr B Isakhan, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project addresses the relationship between heritage destruction and violence in Iraq since 2003. Employing an innovative methodological approach,the project is expected to generate new understandings of the complex inter- relationship that exists between the destruction of cultural heritage and sharp upsurges in terror and violence.

Intercultural understanding in primary and secondary schools

Prof C Halse, Prof F Mansouri, Assoc Prof C A Arrowsmith, Assoc Prof J Moss, Dr R E Arber, Dr N Denson, Dr N Priest, Dr R S Webster
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Partner Organisation(s): Together for Humanity Foundation Ltd, Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Pukunui Technology, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: What facilitates or impedes intercultural understanding in children, adolescents and schools? How can this be addressed? How can we know what makes a difference? This project answers these questions at the individual, school and national level using a novel cultural systems approach and methodological and technological innovations.

Using Museums to Counter Racism and Increase Acceptance of Diversity Among Young People

Assoc Prof Y Paradies, Dr N Priest, Dr E Kowal, Assoc Prof Marg Kelaher, Prof F Mansouri, Dr M McFadzean, Ms C Meehan, Ms Sproul
2012, 2013, 2014
Partner Organisation(s): Museum of Victoria, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: Although little is known about the topic, racism is a significant issue for young Australians. This project will reveal how high school students and their teachers understand racism, diversity and identity. It will also determine how museum programs can reduce racism and increase acceptance of diversity among high school students and their teachers.

Non-DU led projects

Religion and Political Thought
A/Prof M Maddox; A/Prof R T Boer; Dr C Hartney; Dr G Boucher; Dr M J Sharpe
2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Macquarie University
Project Summary: Why do so many Australian political leaders increasingly profess religious belief, while the public becomes more secular? What does this mean for our politics? Religion and Political Thought (RAPT's) interdisciplinary, rigorous analysis contributes both to a large international project (Asia, Europe and North America), and to developing an Australian tradition of political theory.

LE120100056 (LIEF)
Design and Art Australia Online: Sustainable data sharing for Australian researchers and collections

Prof R R Harley; Prof J Bennett ; Prof J L Anderson; Prof A M Ledbury; Prof D Verhoeven; Prof P K McNeil; Prof H Edquist; Prof H W Schmidt; Prof K Friedman; Prof M A Sierra; A/Prof C M Speck;A/Prof J Mendelssohn; A/Prof P Thomas; Dr J L Biddle; Dr A G White; Dr C M De Lorenzo; Dr A J Callaway; Mr S R Chan
Administering Organisation: The University of New South Wales
Project Summary: This project will produce a comprehensive and authorative research facility of national and international significance. The enhanced Design and Art Australia Online facility will provide crucial information pertaining to Australia's art anD design heritage that will be open for researchers of all levels, from school students through to higher-education researchers.

Innovative partnerships for youth engagement in education and work
Prof J Polesel; Prof J P Keating; Prof K E Starr; Dr D M Blake; Mr David J Gallagher; Mr D S Michaels
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Partner Organisation(s): Catholic Education Office (SA), Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, Catholic Education Commission of NSW, SA Department of Education and Children's Services, NSW Department of Education and Communities, Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales
Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: The project is a partnership between two universities and eight school system agencies across three states. The project will examine how collaboration between schools system, employers and other providers can enhance applied learning in secondary schools and build youth engagement with education and work.

Cyber-Racism and Community Resilience
Prof A Jakubowicz, Assoc Prof G Mason, Dr A Bliuc, Dr Y C Paradies, Dr N Bahfen, Prof K Dunn, Ms V Erlichster, Ms A Henry.
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Partner Organisation(s): Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Australian Human Rights Commission, Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia
Administering Organisation: University of Technology, Sydney
Project Summary: Racism has become a significant source of social stress, facilitated through the internet, undermining community cohesion. This project will document perpetrators' creation of racist content, internet users' exposure to cyberracism, the capacity of regulation to manage the impact, and how social media can help communities to resist cyberracism.

Projects funded commencing 2011

Leadership in entrepreneurial universities: cross‑national investigations of engagement and diversity
Prof J A Blackmore, Prof S A Wright, Prof N Stromquist, Asst Prof P C Chen, A/Prof H Macha
2011 2012 2013
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: Attracting and retaining academics in leadership is critical to developing twenty‑first century universities that promote innovative and creative economies and inclusive civil societies. This comparative study will provide policy makers and universities with empirical evidence and policy options to build leadership capacity and increase diversity in leadership.

Exploring quality primary education in different cultures: a cross‑national study of teaching and learning in primary science classrooms
Prof R W Tytler, Prof M W Hackling, Dr P J Hubber, Dr G D Chittleborough, Dr K J Murcia, Prof Dr J Ramseger, Prof H S Chen, Prof C J Hsiung
2011 2012 2013
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: This project uses video studies of primary science classrooms in Australia, Taiwan, and Germany to explore teaching and learning practices, situated in diverse cultures, which provide opportunities for quality reasoning and learning in science. The findings will inform primary science teacher education to improve student achievement.

Moments in time: investigating a national history curriculum in early childhood settings and primary classrooms
A/Prof M Dixon, Dr P F Reitano, Dr K A Senior, Dr N C Green, A/Prof A I Taylor
2011 2012 2013
Partner/Collaborating Organisation(s)
> History Teachers Association of Victoria ,
> New South Wales Board of Studies,
> New South Wales History Teachers Association,
> Queensland History Teachers Association  ,
> Queensland Studies Authority,
> Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University , School of Education
Project Summary: The focus of this project will be the teaching and the learning of History in early childhood settings and primary classrooms located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Findings from the project will provide evidence‑based curricular and pedagogical theorising of effective and productive teaching and learning of History in those contexts

Investigating the effectiveness of teacher education for early career teachers in diverse settings: a longitudinal study
Prof Diane E Mayer, Prof Brenton Doecke, A/Prof Mary Dixon, A/Prof Alex Kostogriz, A/Prof Andrea C Allard, A/Prof Simone J White, Dr Bernadette M Walker‑Gibbs, Dr Leonie O Rowan, Prof Claire M Wyatt‑Smith, Prof R J Bates
2011 2012 2013
Partner/Collaborating Organisation(s)
> Queensland College of Teachers,
> Queensland Department of Education and Training ,
> Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development,
> Victorian Institute of Teaching
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary: This project investigates the effectiveness of teacher education programs in Victoria and Queensland in preparing teachers for the variety of school settings in which they begin their careers. The findings will inform state and national policy, as well as the work of professional regulation authorities and teacher education providers.

Supporting pacific development
Prof M A McGillivray, Dr D B Carpenter
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,
Partner/Collaborating Organisation(s)
>Sustineo Pty Limited
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, Alfred Deakin Research Institute
Project Summary: The research looks at the extent to which twenty two of the world's richest countries support development in the Pacific Islands region through their efforts with respect to aid, trade, migration, private investment, security, technology and environmental sustainability. It will develop an index that will rank these countries on the basis of these efforts.

Non-DU led projects

From colonial to modern: transnational girlhood in Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian print cultures (1840 1940)

Dr Michelle Smith, Prof Clare M Bradford, Dr Kristine Moruzi
2011 2012 2013
APD Dr Michelle Smith
Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: This project will produce new histories of girlhood through the examination of Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian print culture. It will shed new light on how colonial girlhood reflected transitional ideals and how Australia related to fellow colonies through its print culture and developed unique national ideals for girls in the modern period.

Exploring the middle ground: new histories of cross cultural encounters in Australian maritime and land exploration

Dr Shino A Konishi, Dr Maria L Nugent, Dr Tiffany S Shellam
2011 2012 2013
Administering Organisation: The Australian National University
Project Summary: This project seeks to reinvigorate Australian exploration history by examining it through the lens of cross cultural encounters and relations. This will bring to the fore the experience of Aboriginal people who came into contact with explorers, as well as the experience of Aboriginal people who participated in exploration parties.

Minutes of Evidence project: promoting new and collaborative ways of understanding Australia's past and engaging with structural justice

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Dr Julie Evans, Dr Jennifer Balint, Dr Nesam McMillan, Dr Joanna R Cruickshank, Prof Patricia A Grimshaw, Ms Rachael Z Maza Long, Dr Elizabeth M Jones, Dr Jennifer L Bates, Prof Alan Lester, Dr Zoe Laidlaw, Miss Erin A Birch
Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: Bringing together researchers, theatre performers and education experts, this project heightens awareness of Australian history and sparks public conversations within, and between, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, placing Australia at the forefront of international ways of addressing the questions of structural justice and reconciliation.

Serious play: using digital games in school to promote literacy and learning in the twenty first century
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Prof. Catherine A Beavis, Dr Michael L Dezuanni, Dr Joanne A O'Mara, Dr Sarah Prestridge, Dr Leonie O Rowan, Prof Claire M Wyatt-Smith, Dr Jason A Zagami, Prof Yam San Chee
Administering Organisation: Griffith University
Project Summary: Young Australian's social and cultural experiences are increasingly digital. This project will offer leadership to schools seeking to use and create games to improve student outcomes across subject areas, and will generate new knowledge about how students and teachers approach digital games and the kinds of literacy, learning and pedagogy they entail.

Collaborative Research Networks (CRN) 2011

Self-sustaining Regions Research and Innovation Initiative
(University of Ballarat, Deakin University, University of Melbourne, Monash University).
This initiative is aimed at strengthening regional "well-being" and driving regional rejuvenation through an alliance of research excellence in regional landscape change; regional social connectedness and health; and regional information use and systems optimisation. Deakin University will contribute expertise modelling and optimisation, visualisation and material research through the Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (Professors Peter Hodgson and Saeid Nahavandi).

Education, active living and water: Leveraging Victoria University's research investment
(Victoria University, Melbourne University, Deakin University, Edith Cowan University, CSIRO)
This CRN will grow capacity in Clinical Exercise Science and Active Living; Water Management; and Education in Low SES, Diverse and Underrepresented Communities. Deakin's contribution will be in two areas relevant to water management: socioeconomic and policy issues around water regulation, and materials for novel filtration and membrane systems through ITRI and the Alfred Deakin Research Institute (Professors Lingxue Kong and David Lowe).

Growing research excellence at Edith Cowan University through partnership and engagement
(Edith Cowan University, University of Adelaide, Deakin University, Flinders University, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia).
This CRN will create world class capacity in a range of areas of national strategic importance including Advanced Technologies for Leading Teaching and Education Practice. Deakin will contribute expertise in the use of technology in leading teaching practice through its Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation (Professor Jill Blackmore).

Projects funded commencing 2010

Vietnam: Heritage of a Nation
Prof. W Logan, Dr C Long
2010,  2011 
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary: This project will contribute to our understanding of Vietnam’s cultural history and to protection of Vietnamese cultural heritage. The findings will be relevant to the work of UNESCO and national industry bodies and to professional organizations such the ICOMOS. The project may lead to the addition of new items to UNESCO and Vietnamese heritage registers (both tangible and intangible) for the benefit of the global community at large. The project will enhance Australia’s reputation in the region as a producer of innovative approaches to heritage conservation and will strengthen the ‘Asia literacy’ of Australian heritage professionals. The project fits the ARC’s research priority goal Understanding Our Region

Australian politicians and the uses of history: from Federation to the present
Prof. D Lowe, Prof. J Walter
2010, 2011, 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary
: This project will be the first comprehensive study of the uses of history and historians by Australian
politicians since federation. It will be innovative in bridging the fields of Australian politics/political history and the study and uses of history in Australian public life. It will explore how federal politicians have read and thought about histories, both Australian and international, and have themselves popularised certain understandings of historical episodes in political and therefore persuasive contexts. It will provide an excellent foundation for further research into Australian political culture and the significance of history in public life.

Australian Heritage Abroad: Managing Australia's Extraterritorial War Heritage
Prof. W Logan, Prof. J Beaumont, Assoc. Prof.  A Witcomb, Dr B Ziino
2010, 2011, 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary:
This project investigates the problems of managing and interpreting significant heritage sites in Australia’s experience of war located in foreign sovereign territory. This focus on extraterritorial concerns moves beyond existing understandings of the contexts in which heritage is contested, exposing the greater complexities of managing national heritage in an international context. It will produce strategies for advancing heritage practice, policies and theory by encouraging understanding and dialogue between stakeholders of different historical and cultural backgrounds. In doing this the project recasts nationalist understandings of heritage and provides new frames for promoting dialogue at places of profound emotional significance.

Capacity building and social enterprise: Individual and organisational transformation in transitional labour market programs
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Dr P J Kelly, A/Prof L M Harrison, Dr A Kamp, Mr S Cochrane
Partner Organisations:
>Mission Australia
Administering Organisation: Deakin University (initially Monash University)
Project Summary: This research will produce new knowledge about the sustainability of social enterprise based transitional labour market programs, and contribute to the development of such programs nationally and internationally. The study of the factors that shape the success, or otherwise, of the most vulnerable, marginalised young people's involvement in these programs will contribute new knowledge about young people's transitions into labour markets. Together, these innovative understandings of social enterprise, marginalisation and social inclusion/transition will make significant contributions to the National Research Priority goals strengthening Australia's social and economic fabric and promoting an innovation culture and economy

Non-DU led projects

Understanding police and ethnic group interactions: Testing an integrated theoretical model
2010, 2011, 2012
Dr A Cherney; A/Prof KL Murphy
Administering Organisation:  The University of Queensland
Project Summary: This project uses social science research methods to examine perceptions of the roles and authority of the police among ethnic groups in Australia. Outcomes will have implications for police community cooperation and cooperation with social institutions more generally (e.g. government authorities). The research addresses issues that impact on the provision of information to the police and the willingness of groups in Australia to participate in collaborative crime control. National and community benefits include ascertaining how greater levels of cooperation with the police can be promoted among ethnic groups who feel ill-served and marginalised by the criminal justice system.

The 2010 Australian election study: The dynamics of political choice
2010, 2011
Prof I McAllister; Prof C S Bean; Prof R K Gibson; Dr J E Clark
Administering Organisation: The Australian National University
Project Summary: In addition to providing an in‑depth understanding of general patterns of Australian voting behaviour, the 2010 Australian Election Study (AES) will provide a detailed, objective account of how and why voters made up their minds in the 2010 federal election.  The 2010 AES adds to the unbroken series of national election surveys conducted after each Australian federal election since 1987.  These surveys provide an unrivalled resource for moving beyond impressionistic accounts of political behaviour.  The survey will enable researchers to determine what citizens think of politics and the processes that produce a government, and to understand how and why mass political attitudes have changed over a quarter of a century.

Models of Divinity

2010, 2011, 2012
Prof G R Oppy; Dr N Trakakis
Administering Organisation:   Monash University
Project Summary: At a time of religious conflict around the world, interfaith dialogue is becoming increasingly important. This project will provide a platform for such dialogue to take place, thus advancing the National Research Priority Goal of improving Australia's capacity to interpret and engage with its regional and global environment. The project will also have distinct social benefits that will result from exploring the links between competing conceptions of the divine and (very often oppressive) social-cultural practices. Finally, the project will advance Australia's reputation and standing in the philosophy of religion, thus stimulating greater postgraduate and postdoctoral research in this area.

Suburban archaeology: approaching an archaeology of the middle class in 19th century Melbourne
2010, 2011, 2012
Prof T A Murray; A/Prof S E Lawrence; A/Prof A J May; Dr S C Hayes; Dr L E Young
Administering Organisation:   La Trobe University
Project Summary: This innovative, multidisciplinary project engages archaeologists, historians and museologists in an investigation that places material culture at the centre of understandings of suburban middle-class life in Australian cities, The project responds to recent work on consumption, identity, and class formation about the need to investigate the material conditions of the urban middle class during the crucial period of its emergence in the nineteenth century. lt wíll integrate analysis of excavated archaeological assemblages, museum collections, documentary sources, and spatíal information, to advance understandings of the growth of modern cities and the construction of middle-class identities in the colonial world.

Improved student outcomes through positive classroom management
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Prof. R Lewis, Dr P J Riley, Dr A Gallant
Partner Organisation:
>Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Northern Metropolitan Region)
Administering Organisation: La Trobe University
Project Summary: The return on national investment in improving teacher quality is high. Research shows that teacher classroom practice overwhelmingly outweighs student background factors, as well as class size, pending levels and teacher salaries in explaining variation in student achievement. Developing teachers' skills and a strong sense of efficacy in classroom management reduces both teacher and student stress and student distraction. This makes a substantial contribution to improving academic outcomes for students, reducing rates of drop-out and exclusion, and reduces the cost to the nation of a high rate of attrition from the teaching profession. Findings will have implications for achieving sustainable change in professional practice more broadly.

Indigenous Placemaking in Central Melbourne: Representations, practices and creative research

2010, 2011, 2012
Dr J K McGaw, Dr E C Potter, Dr A D Pieris, Prof G W Brawn
Partner Organisations:
>Melbourne City Council,
>Reconciliation Victoria,
>Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group
Administering Organisation:   The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: This project will contribute to making a place of belonging, gathering and cultural exchange for and with Indignenous Australians in Melbourne, through dialogic research processes aimed at generating a more inclusive and dynamic understanding of Indigenous identity. It will provide a platform for reconciliatory activities in Victoria with the support of Victorian Indigenous Communities, Reconciliation Victoria, and the Melbourne City Council and educate the public regarding the need for such a facility. It will increase Melbourne's national and international profile by contributing to the provision of a world class cultural centre that engages international tourists and informing future institutional programs.

Projects funded commencing 2009

Capturing Dance: Using Motion Capture to enhance the creation of innovative Australian dance
Dr K Vincs; Dr VH Mak; A/Prof RM Smith,
2009, 2010, 2011
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary
: Australian dance companies are dependent on income derived from international markets for their continued survival and growth. Their ability to compete in the global arts market depends on their ability to remain on the leading edge of choreographic development world wide. This study will provide Australian dance artists with new tools and technologies to enhance their creation of new and innovative dance, ensuring their ability to secure international profile and market presence, and contributing to dance internationally a new understanding of, and new technologies for creating, innovative dance.

The role of optimism in collaborative problem solving in mathematics: Building problem solving capacity

Dr G Williams,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary
: Integration of psychological and educational approaches is the strength of this proposal. The notion that student optimism may be key to strengthening problem solving capacity in mathematics is new and exciting. Creative thinking, problem solving, and mathematical proficiency are surely critical resources for Australia's future. Understanding how these human resources are nurtured and enhanced informs pedagogies to increase academic performance. Whilst providing pedagogical insights, this study also informs the building of adolescent well being, and the stimulating of interest in mathematics in 'ideas workers' for Australia's future three outcomes advantageous to Australian society and the economy.

Managing compliance with procedural justice: The role of motivational postures, legitimacy and emotion
Dr K L (Tina) Murphy,
2009, 2010, 2011
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary:
Regulatory authorities exist to ensure that members of the public comply with their obligations under the law. At the same time, however, regulators should not exercise their authority in ways that result in the alienation of the public. Using social science methodology, this project will examine the role that procedurally fair regulation can play in promoting trust and confidence in authorities. The national and community benefits of this project will include ascertaining how greater levels of cooperation and compliance with regulatory decisions and laws can be facilitated; particularly among those who may feel disgruntled with their experiences with authority.

Australia's Asian Futures: A Cultural History, 1972 to the present.
Prof D R Walker,
2009, 2010, 2011
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary:
Relations with Asia are vital to Australia's prosperity and security. This project places in historical context evolving understandings of what the 'region' has meant to Australians from the 1970s to the present. It will clarify the processes by which Australia has adapted to Asia, and points of resistance to engagement. By examining the representations of politicians, journalists, Asianists, and travel writers, this study will seek to explain how threats to security have been perceived over time, and the interplay between popular and elite representation. An analysis of how threats from political Islam have been understood will inform a wider history of threat perceptions extending from the mid nineteenth century to the present.

The Democratization of the Rising China through Deliberative Democracy
Prof B He,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary:
This project falls within the Research Priority 4: Safeguarding Australia. Its benefits include strengthening Australian leadership in deliberative democracy, developing deliberative democratization in China which is vital for the security and fundamental interest of Australia, and offering new strategies of deliberative democratization for the international democracy promotion community. It will contribute to a balanced and sophisticated understanding of Chinese democratization; enhance cooperation between Australian researchers and their counterparts in China; and contribute to global democracy promotion activities by developing a new field of deliberative democratization.

After the crisis: Nation building challenges in East Timor
A/Prof D Kingsbury; Dr M P Leach,
2009, 2010, 2011
Administering Organisation; Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary:
Given the substantial commitment of International Stabilisation Force intervention, nation and state building in East Timor remains a high priority for Australian policy makers. This project will examine three key nation building agendas in post crisis East Timor, focusing on the key areas of decentralisation of state authority, evolving relationships with traditional authorities, and post crisis conflict resolution programs, over the period of 2009 11. In so doing, the project will contribute to a better understanding of antecedent factors to state failure, linking directly with recent Australian government policy concerns over 'fragile states', and their potential to destabilise the regional security environment.

Interagency collaborations supporting resilient students, families, schools in disadvantaged communities

Prof Jill Blackmore; Prof A Taket;  A/Prof C Hickey; Dr A Nolan; Mr B Marshall; A/Prof K Stagnitti; and Prof R Carter
2009, 2010, 2011 
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s):
> Victorian Dep't of Education & Early Childhood,
> VicHealth
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary:
Social disadvantage due to poverty, poor health, unemployment, and educational underachievement is geographically concentrated. But not all students in disadvantaged communities have poor outcomes. This project will identify students, families, schools, and communities indicating resilience; the conditions and characteristics of that resilience; and the educational, health, work-related, leisure interventions that improve individual and collective opportunities. Its interdisciplinary mixed methods will produce significant national and regional outcomes (approaches, strategies, models) of interagency collaborations to inform families, school, communities, policymakers and practitioners about sustainable and replicable interventions

Investigating mismatches between Australian international graduate destinations and skill shortages

Prof Jill Blackmore; Dr R Arber; Prof L Farrell and Prof M Devlin
2009, 2010, 2011 
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s):
> International Development Program
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary:
Focusing on perceptions of English usage and intercultural capabilities, this project investigates issues around employment of international graduates from Australian universities into the professions with skill shortages. In a longitudinal study, it collects survey and biographical data about the employment expectations and experiences of sixteen cohorts of students transitioning from four Australian universities into work. It analyses academic pedagogies and support for international students, and business recruitment practices of international graduates and how these are mediated by federal policy. It will contribute to national higher education, migration, and recruitment policies and practices.

LP0989182 A
Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship among Migrant Youth in Australia
Prof F Mansouri; Prof Z Skrbis; Dr S Francis; Ms C Guerra
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s):
> The Australian Red Cross
> The Centre for Multicultural Youth Issues
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary:
This project will focus on youth from three Australian migrant communities at the centre of recent debates about migrant integration, intercultural conflict and social cohesion. It will investigate the role of formal and informal networks in creating among migrant youth a sense of belonging to the mainstream society. The project redresses a critical gap in popular and official understandings of the social fabric of Australia and will provide benchmark data for improved government and community services in the area of migrant youth. It will examine and assess the role of social networks in informing young people's sense of belonging and active participation in the community of citizens.

Non-DU led projects

Mandated literacy assessment and the reorganisation of teachers' work
2009, 2010, 2011
Prof B M Comber; A/Prof P A Cormack; A/Prof B Doecke; Dr A Kostogriz; Dr R J Kerin; Dr D E
Smith; Dr A I Griffith
Administering Organisation: University of South Australia
Project Summary: The study will inform practitioners, teacher educators and educational policy-makers about the ways that teachers' work is being changed by the introduction of mandated standardised assessment and reporting processes. The research will provide insights into the ways in which teachers need to adapt standardised processes and policies to account for the varied student and community populations they serve. This is significant for educational policy as recent international studies of students' literacy performance suggest Australia is lagging in terms of equity for low SES students.

'Digital Natives': Growing up with new and old media in Australia

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012   
Prof M P Bittman; Dr L M Rutherford; Prof L Unsworth
Partner Organisations:
>Australian Children's Televsion Foundation
>Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
>Australian Communications and Media Authority
Administering Organisation:   The University of New England
Project Summary: Developing a sophisticated digital literacy is important for both the future of children, the cultural, social and  economic well‑being of the nation. Digital literacy requires not only communications infrastructure but targeted investment in human skills. Investing in the development of a digitally literate Australian population has become an explicit means for promoting the future economic and social well‑being of the nation. The information provided by this project has the potential to contribute significantly to giving children 'a healthy start to life' in their early years.

A Study of the Fulbright Program in Australia 1949‑2009      
20092010, 2011
Reader D E Kirkby; Prof D Altman; Prof D R Walker; Dr A M Garner              
Partner Organisations:
>Australian‑American Educational Foundation (Fulbright Commission)
>National Library of Australia
Administering Organisation: La Trobe University
Project Summary: This history of the Fulbright Program of educational exchange between Australia and the USA will explore a significant and undervalued aspect of the post‑war relationship between the two countries. It will enhance our understanding of the sources of innovative ideas and their transfer, by investigating whether the 2600 Australian Fulbright scholars since 1949 were influential in re‑orienting local research practice and public policy initiatives along US models. It will broaden awareness of the Fulbright Program's place in the Australian experience of globalisation, and contribute to a critical understanding of cultural diplomacy as a key feature of foreign policy.

LE0989090 (ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities project)
AustLit Phase Three: Transforming the Study of Australian Literature through a Collaborative eResearch Environment
Prof RA Fotheringham; Prof DJ Carter; Prof JA Hay; Prof JE Tompkins; Dr L Dale; Mr KG Webster; Ms KM Kilner; Dr J Huggins; Prof PR Eggert; Prof BH Bennett; Dr EN McMahon; Prof RW Dixon; Prof EA Webby; Mr P Minter; Mr RH Coleman; Mr JF Arnold; Prof KM Mallan; Prof AJ Patterson; Ms CD Young; Prof W Ommundsen; Dr E Blackmore; A/Prof CM Taylor; Asst Prof RA Phiddian; A/Prof TA Bunda; Prof CM Bradford; Ms AH Horn; Prof DJ Haskell; Ms DM Bird; Dr TN Burrows
Partner Organisations & Collaborating Organisations:
The University of Queensland, The University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong, Queensland University of Technology, James Cook University, The University of Sydney, Deakin University, Monash University, The Flinders University of South Australia; The University of Western Australia
Administering Organisation: The University of Queensland
Project Summary: AustLit's information and research services reach into virtually all avenues of Australian society. From the high level professor of English or Australian Studies to the student accessing the internet at an Indigenous knowledge centre in outback Queensland or the NT, AustLit provides both basic and complex information and research support to every enquirer. The proposed expansion in 2009 will enhance its value to many Australian communities by providing advanced capacities for research and greater levels of high quality information and full text content. Its multi-dimensional approach to the services it delivers ensures that it will continue to build value to the whole community over time.

Projects funded commencing 2008

The culture of war: private life and sentiment in Australia 1914‑18 
Dr B Ziino,
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University, School of History Heritage and Society
Project Summary:
This study has the potential to place Australia at the forefront of a new theoretical approach to civilian agency in total war, and enhance the national reputation for important scholarship in a field dominated by international scholars. Also, while war has been central to Australian notions of identity, our sense of 'war' is intimately connected to the front‑line, and not to the homefront. This study will help reorient academic and popular attention back to the importance of the homefront in Australia's experience of 1914‑18. At a time when Australians are increasingly interested in family links with the war, this project will provide a greater appreciation of the war's effects on Australia nationally and on the most personal levels.

Australian doctoral graduates' publication, professional and community outcomes
Prof T D Evans; Dr P D Macauley,
2008, 2009, 2010
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary:
The project produces benefits to government, universities, Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies and those with a scholarly interest in doctoral education. It identifies, quantifies and explains the relationship between PhD graduates' thesis outcomes (especially, publications) and their professional and community outcomes up to ten years from graduation. The findings will be disseminated as universities, government and academies debate the RQF outcomes and whether the quality and impact of doctorates be included in the next RQF. The findings enable universities to enhance policy and practice to ensure worthwhile outcomes from doctoral programs and graduates.  The project advances scholarship about doctorates and research education.

Non-DU led projects

An investigation of causal relationships between complex classroom practices and science learning using high capacity new research technologies and multiple learning theory-testing
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Prof D. Clarke and Prof R Tytler
Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: The strategic importance of science and the need for high quality science teaching is being highlighted at national and state levels. A variety of science education initiatives have been funded by government to address this priority. Policy makers and curriculum developers rightly demand that the advocacy of educational innovations be supported by empirical evidence, which, to now, has been limited by available research methods. This study exploits recent advances in the sophistication of educational theories, research designs and available technology to generate much more compelling evidence of the effectiveness of specific classroom practices for improving student knowledge and understanding of science.

Mapping the movies: the changing nature of Australia's cinema circuits and their audiences 1956-1984
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Prof R Maltby; Dr M Walsh; Dr K Bowles; A/Prof D Verhoeven; Prof JJ Matthews; A/Prof CA
Administering Organisation:  The Flinders University of South Australia
Project Summary: Support for film production is a high profile component in Australian cultural policy, but the cultural and commercial opportunity represented by cinema exhibition and attendance is less well understood. Focusing on the three decades after the introduction of television in 1956, this project is the first of its kind to use geospatial visualisation to map the social and economic circuits of cinema-going, and to identify the variables that explain cinema diversification, survival or closure. It will contribute to policy analysis in terms of local media access modelling, and will consolidate this team's international reputation for innovative Australian research in the representation of historical data.

Renewing Rural Teacher Education: Sustaining Schooling for Sustainable Futures

2008, 2009, 2010
Prof J Reid; Dr SJ White; Prof WC Green; A/Prof MC Cooper; Dr G Lock; Ms W Hastings
Administering Organisation:  Charles Sturt University
Project Summary: We face a national crisis in attracting and retaining teachers and other professionals to rural areas. There is a projection of teacher shortfall which will affect all schools with significant numbers of the current aging teacher workforce expected to retire in the next five years. This shortfall will be most felt in rural schools and communities, as traditionally these are the schools identified as harder to staff. Students in rural, regional and remote Australia have the right to an equitable and quality education, and it is an imperative for all education stakeholders to ensure that they have access to it.

From the Tap to the Bottle: an international study of the social and material life of bottled water
2008, 2009, 2010
A/Prof G Hawkins; Dr KD Race; Dr EC Potter
Administering Organisation: The University of New South Wales
Project Summary: Water is a critical resource in Australia yet little is known about water in bottles. This project will be the first comparative study of bottled water marketing, consumption and disposal. It will make a significant contribution to national and international understandings of changing practices in the consumption of drinking water. The research will produce an analysis of the rise of the bottle in relation to the tap. Specifically, how various anxieties associated with drinking tap water, in Australia and elsewhere, impact on bottled water consumption. The knowledge produced about bottled water collection, circulation and regulation will contribute to wider debates about sustainable water provision and access to safe water for all.

Social Glue- The contribution of sport and active recreation to community wellbeing

2008, 2009, 2010
A/Prof R Hoye, La Trobe;  Dr MG Nicholson(La Trobe) ; Dr KM Brown, Deakin University
Partner Organisation
Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
Administering Organisation: La Trobe University
Project Summary: Australian federal, state and local governments allocate more than $4,094 million per year to the provision of sport and recreation services, facilities and programs which service more than 5 million regular participants. This funding is, in part, based on the premise that involvement in sport and recreation develops community wellbeing through the facilitation of social inclusion and connectedness. This research will contribute to the development of policies and practices that will enhance the capability of sport and active recreation organisations to contribute to community wellbeing.

Engaging adolescents in learning: A longitudinal study of student use electronic self-assessment tools within advocacy models of student support

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Prof F Hardman; A/Prof BW Neville; A/Prof R Lewis; Dr J White; Ms PA McCann; Dr KM Hutchison; Mr G Powell
Partner Organisations
> Catholic Education Office, Bendigo
> Catholic College Wodonga
> Catholic College Bendigo (Yrs 10-12)
> Coburg Senior High School
> St Augustine's School P-10, Kyabram
> Seymour Technical High School
> Collingwood College
Administering Organisation: La Trobe University
Project Summary: This research investigates the effectiveness of a program of student support directed to reducing adolescent disengagement from learning and early school leaving. There are potentially significant economic and social benefits to the broader Australian community, particularly in country areas and low socio-economic urban areas. Completing school provides young people with a broader range of options for their economic future, promotes social inclusion, and provides greater protection against negative consequences of unemployment, such as isolation, depression, and substance abuse. Enjoyment of schooling increases the ability of young people to develop to their full potential, and lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

The young learners' project: Identifying personalised teaching strategies for early literacy in children in the preschool and the first year of school.
ARC Linkage funding 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
A/Prof PM Brown; Dr E Care; Prof B Raban; Prof FW Rickards; Mr T O'Connell
Associate Investigators:  Andrea Nolan, Janet Scull, Louise Paatsch, Linda Byrnes, Anne-Marie Morrisey, Jan Deans, Robert Brown, Anna Bortoli, Linda Watson, Pauline Nott, Renata Aliani, Derek Patton, Man Chan
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s): Australian Scholarships Group
Administering Organisation:  The University of Melbourne
Project SummaryHigh quality learning experiences coupled with personalised, evidence-based adult support in the preschool years shape children's life-long attitudes and motivation for learning, and form the basis of strong outcomes in adulthood. Of particular importance is the development of literacy.  Not all children, however, have such experiences and some need extra support from their families and teachers.  From this study knowledge will be gained that will assist teachers and parents to support children before beginning school so that they are prepared for formal literacy learning. This will lead to greater prospects of financial and social benefits in adulthood.

Projects funded commencing 2007 

Local Governance, Multiculturalism and Active Citizenship: The Case of Arab‑Muslim Diaspora in the West
Prof F Mansouri, Prof SM Kenny, Prof DR Walker,
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary
: This project will advance our understanding of the best practice approaches towards the management of intercultural relationships within multicultural communities. It will generate international benchmark data on the management of multicultural spaces and will lead to a range of practical policies for local city councils, NGOs and state governments. The findings will form a robust empirical basis for understanding the optimal way of formulating government‑NGOs partnerships in the successful implementation of culturally responsive policies. The study will also result in the development of effective policy responses aimed at enhancing active citizenship, social cohesion and intercultural understanding.

Redesigning schools and school leadership: an Australian comparative case study
2007, 2008, 2009
Prof JA Blackmore; A/Prof DN Hayes
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary:
This project on school redesign addresses an urgent need identified in Government and OECD reports for schools and systems to redesign in order to be more responsive to multiple social and economic pressures while addressing significant disparities between schools. Longitudinal case studies with a focus on schools in particularly challenging circumstances will reconceptualize the relationship between sustainable school reform, leadership, student learning and school‑community relationships. These are all policy priority areas. Communication strategies aim to inform policymakers, professional associations, the new National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership, and schools about how to conceptualise and sustain reform.

The role of representation in learning science
Prof RW Tytler; Prof VR Prain; A/Prof BG Waldrip; Dr PJ Hubber
2007, 2008, 2009
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of Education
Project Summary:
School science is a core area for the future prosperity and health of Australia. Poor student attitudes to science and low involvement in post compulsory science are of national concern. This project, by taking a fresh perspective on key learning issues in middle years science, when student attitudes and future plans are being forged, has the potential to lay the groundwork for more successful learning, increased retention into post compulsory science, and enhanced public science literacy. By focusing on effective and innovative pedagogies and assessment strategies the project has the capacity to enhance science students' capacity for innovation, potentially laying the groundwork for increased productivity in the longer term.

Managing ethnic tensions and developing religious tolerance in South India and Sri Lanka
2007, 2008
A/Prof RN Bastin
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of History, Heritage and Society
Project Summary: The enhanced knowledge of Australia's neighbours, specifically two countries that have provided significant contributions to Australia's multicultural complexion, as well as an enhanced sense of the issues involved in managing ethnic tensions in a secular state will be the benefits of the study. Both sites have been the objects of previous social and cultural studies, but not compared together in terms of religious tolerance and state control. The research will also strengthen ties between scholars in Australia, India and Sri Lanka, while having application to issues of tolerance and mutual respect between communities in all three countries

Internal and External Sources of Political Instability in East Timor
2007, 2008
Dr D Kingsbury; Dr MP Leach
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary: This project is of direct relevance to Australia through its bilateral and multilateral provision of police to assist in the maintenance of East Timor's law and order, through its training of and support for the East Timor Border Patrol Unit, and its training and support of the East Timor defence force, Falintil-FDTL. The project also goes to the core of Australia's concerns with regional state maintenance (or conversely, potential state failure), direct bilateral relations with both East Timor and Indonesia, and the triangular relationship between these three states.

Approved Literacy in the digital world of the twenty-first century: learning from computer games
 A/Prof CA Beavis; Prof CM Bradford; Dr JA O'Mara; Dr C Walsh
2007, 2008, 2009
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s):
> Department of Education & Training
> Australian Centre for the Moving Image
> The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English
Administering Organisation:  Deakin University, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Project Summary:
The creation of a literate and tech-savvy workforce and community is essential to Australia's future prosperity. By helping teachers better understand and teach ICT-enabled forms of text and literacy, drawing on insights from young people's actual engagement with digital culture in their leisure hours, the project will help strengthen young Australians' capacity to critically evaluate and use ICTs for effective learning and communication. This project will help produce the skills, knowledge and orientations necessary to create smart information use, through developing and strengthening young people's uses and understandings of ICT-based forms of text and literacy.

Community Engagement for Localised Greenhouse Reduction: a local government demand‑management model for business and household water, energy and waste reduction
A/Prof LI Hancock
2007, 2008, 2009
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)
> Hobsons Bay City Council
> Global Greenplan Foundation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University, School of International and Political Studies
Project Summary:
New integrated community strategies are needed to deal with the imperative of reducing Australia's carbon footprint. With an explicit focus on enhancing community engagement for localised greenhouse reduction, this project will generate important analysis and policy prescriptions for demand reduction strategies. The development of enduring sustainable environment attitudinal and behavioural change is central to the National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development, which sees a clear role for governments, business and individuals in progressing ecologically sustainable development. The results will contribute to developing new place‑based integrated eco‑sustainability models for implementation by local/state governments.

Non-DU led projects

Rebuilding Sustainable Communities: Assessing Post-Tsunami Resettlement Projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.
Dr J L Shaw; Dr M J Mulligan; Dr M Clarke; A/Prof D C Mercer
2007, 2008, 2009
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)
> AusAID
> Foundation for Development Co-operation
Administering Organisation: RMIT University
Project summary: It is in the interests of Australia and nations in our regions to improve strategic responses to natural disasters. In addition to their catastrophic short-term effects, disasters sharply reduce employment and output and strain limited state capacity, increasing poverty and inhibiting the prospects for longer-term economic growth and social stability. The development of measures which support the effective rebuilding of social structures and economic activity is key to minimising adverse outcomes. By enriching our understanding of how best to support sustainable resettlement programs, the study responds to the national research priority goal of 'Safeguarding Australia: understanding our region and the world'.

Projects funded commencing 2006

Remembering Places of Pain and Shame: Conservation of the Asia Pacific Region's 'Difficult' Heritage of Imprisonment Sites
Prof WS Logan; Dr CD Long; Dr F Qian; Mr KJ Reeves  APD Dr F Qian
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Administering Institution: Deakin University, School of History Heritage and Society
Project Summary:
This project will contribute to theoretical and practical discourses relevant to Australia's cultural heritage industry. Its findings will have implications for the work of national and state industry bodies (Australian Heritage Council, Australian Dept of Environment and Heritage, Heritage Victoria) and professional organisations (Australia ICOMOS). The project findings may lead to concrete results such as the addition of new places to international, national and state heritage registers and their protection for the benefit of the community at large. The project will also provide Early Career Researcher training and enhance possibilities for future research collaboration with heritage and tourism industry partners.

Non-DU led projects

Childhood, Tradition and Change: a national study of the historical and contemporary practices and significance of Australian children's playlore
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Prof K Darian-Smith, Prof W S Logan, Prof GP Seal
Partner Organisations:
> National Library of Australia, Museum Victoria
Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne
Project Summary: Through extending knowledge of children's playlore in the daily lives and social frameworks of Australians from the 1950s to the present, this project will contribute to broader public and policy discussions concerning educational, recreational and public health outcomes for children. It will enhance understanding of past and contemporary children's play practices and the external influences shaping these, and assist UNESCO and the Australian government in defining intangible cultural heritage. Through partnerships with the National Library of Australia and Museum Victoria, the project will disseminate its findings to the community through publications, conferences and public exhibitions.

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