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Faculty staff currently hold a number of exciting grants with government agencies and industry partners. These grants exemplify the Faculty's commitment to integrating practice and theory in research that "makes a difference".

This page contains a listing of Gov't & Industry grants (Cat. 2 & 3 plus Cat. 1 non-ARC) awarded within the faculty for first year funding 2012. (Projects receiving funds from ARC Linkage partners do not appear in this list - see ARC funding). In addition to the many projects undertaken through successful external funding, faculty staff are also engaged on research activity funded by Deakin internal grants. These activities are detailed on the relevant Strategic Research Centres and Schools web pages.

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Full listing of all Gov't & Industry grants (Cat. 2 & 3) awarded within the faculty for first year funding 2007 - 2013

Projects do not end at the completion of the funding timeframe. The project team consolidates the research material into publication format and this process normally continues well past the funding cessation date, therefore many of the projects below where funding has ceased, will still be current.

Faculty of Arts and Education research projects with first year funding 2012

Evaluation of the Languages Start Up Grants
Dr A Vongalis-Macrow, Dr M Weinmann, Assoc Prof A Kostogriz, Dr R Arber, Assoc Prof I Fanany
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) funding 2012, 2013
Administering Organisation
: Deakin University
Project summary: The DEECD commissioned the Deakin team to evaluate the Languages Start Up Grants program, which was introduced in 2012 to support the Victorian Government’s commitment to extend and support language education is schools. The evaluation will focus on how the initiative is working, for whom and in what circumstances, including a final report on the benefits and outcomes of the initiative.

Resource Booklet for Early Childhood Professionals: Talented and Gifted Children
Dr A M Morrissey, Dr A Grant (University of Melbourne)
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) funding 2012 
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project summary: This project will research and develop a resource booklet used by and for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to support the practice of a range of early childhood professionals. The project's aim is to address the gap in Departmental information dealing with young gifted and talented children and will demonstrate strong association with current reforms such as the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS).

Asia Literacy Project
Prof C Halse, Dr A Cloonan, Assoc Prof A Kostogriz, Dr D Toe, Ms J Dyer
Asia Education Foundation (AEF) funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: The Asia Education Foundation (AEF) in partnership with the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is examining teaching practices and curriculum resources that support an Asia literate teaching workforce, from funding by DEEWR. Deakin University has been commissioned by AEF to explore current practices and resources and provide an outline of measures required to build an Asia Literate teaching workforce that actively engages students in becoming Asia Literate. This will be achieved with a review of existing resources, an on-line survey and undertaking case studies.

Networked Infrastructure (HuNI) Virtual Laboratory
Prof. D Verhoeven with project partners from- University of Western Australia; ANU; University of Queensland; University of Melbourne; University of Sydney; VeRSI; Intersect Aust Ltd; UNSW; Flinders University; Macquarie University; RMIT University; AIATSIS
NecTAR funding 2012, 2013
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: The Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNI) Virtual Laboratory is a two-year project that will provide researchers around the world with access to the combined resources of Australia's major cultural datasets and information assets. For the first time, Australian researchers will be able to work with linked data from Australia's most significant cultural datasets across the fields of literature, art and design, theatre, film and visual media, history, biography, music and archaeology. It will be specifically designed for future growth and expansion, with the addition of more datasets and the contribution of additional information.

Student aspirations in Central Queensland: (Re)imagining higher education in low SES student futures
Prof T Gale, Dr S. Parker, Dr B Doig, Dr T Moore (CQUniversity)
Central Queensland University funding 2012, 2013 (Fed Government HEPPP funding)
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: The project investigates the aspirations of middle school students in Central Queensland, including their aspirations for higher education. It explores how students reconcile differences between desire and possibility, and the resources that capacitate their aspirations, and how these align with students' different socioeconomic circumstances and their participation in university outreach programs.

Maribyrnong City Arts and Cultural Framework
Dr K Johanson, Ms A Kershaw, Dr H Glow
Maribyrnong City Council funding 2012
Administering Organisation:
Deakin University
Project Summary: The western suburbs of Maribyrnong are experiencing dramatic demographic change. The major production sites of the manufacturing industry in Melbourne are replaced by residential development. These changes represent both opportunities and threats to the local arts sector. The gentrification of some parts of the City of Maribyrnong bring residents and visitors with substantial cultural capital and an omnivorous appetite for diverse arts and cultural experiences, whilst rising property costs risk making living and working in Maribyrnong prohibitive for artists. Furthermore, demographic change has occurred unevenly throughout the municipality, so that Maribyrnong is increasingly the home of parallel communities with very different levels of income and education and different cultural needs. This research is a collaboration with local council, residents, artists and arts organisations to identify the major arts and cultural needs in the municipality and strategies to meet these needs.

Moonee Valley City Building Arts Audiences: Arts Participation and Barriers report
Ms A Kershaw, Dr K Johanson, Dr H Glow
Moonee Valley City Council funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University
Project Summary:  Moonee Valley houses high quality arts facilities, including the Clocktower Centre and the Incinerator Gallery, through which Council presents professional and community-based arts opportunities across the visual and performing arts. Council also supports community festivals that provide important opportunities for local gathering and celebration. This research project investigates the level of arts participation in Moonee Valley and the barriers that local residents face in experiencing and accessing the arts. It provides recommendations on how Moonee Valley City Council can broaden, deepen and diversify its audiences and maximise the benefits of participating in the arts for all residents.

Training for a new (Northern) Future
Assoc Prof. L Johnson
Committee for Geelong - Northern Futures funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: In the context of a Geelong region variously regarded as “disadvantaged” this research aims to critically assess the successes and limitations of the Northern Futures Training and Work Placement Program (NFTWP) which takes groups of long term unemployed, multiply disadvantaged people, trains them up to Certificate III level in either Aged Care, Hospitality or Transport and Logistics and seeks to place them into employment. This project evaluates the program to improve its effectiveness.
The project involves research with students, educators and employers in mapping the strengths and weaknesses of the NFTWP. Insights into the program have already been used to better inform its key stakeholders, especially Northern Futures, G21, employer groups and the Gordon Institute. The overall objective is to produce more responsive and effective training programs in meeting the needs of students and employers.

Foundational principles and approaches to building better suburbs (Wyndham City Council)
Prof. L Johnson, Dr F Andrews, Dr P Connors, Prof H Elkadi, Dr J Rollo, Dr I Warren.
Wyndham City Council funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary:This research project is tasked with developing a set of Principles and Approaches for building a better suburb on a large block of land owned by the City of Wyndham at Tarneit in western Melbourne. A wealth of academic and planning literature exists on the Australian suburb, primarily critiqueing its current form, governance, ecological sustainability, quality of life, affordability and servicing. Additional literature and guidelines exist for planning good suburbs emanating from organisations such as VicUrban and international literature which, in some instances, is relevant in presenting world’s best practice in the design and delivery of good suburban environments. This literature will be distilled to formulate principles and approaches which might inform the development of a model suburb. In addition, the project will locate these possibilities into the City of Wyndham planning scheme and the area’s demographic and environmental profile, by way of collation of existing data and workshops involving key stakeholders in the planning of the City with Deakin academics having expertise in: urban ecologies, healthy cities, social infrastructure , safety, governance, urban design, community development and urban geography to research alternative models. They along with their rationales would be assessed via a focus group of residents from adjacent communities. The team will report to the City of Wyndham in Dec. 2012, outlining a set of Principles and Approaches to the development at Tarneit.

ICT in Everyday Learning: Teacher Online Toolkit
Dr P Hubber, Dr M Cavanagh (Macquarie University)
DEEWR funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Education Services Australia
Project Summary: Education Services Australia was engaged by DEEWR to lead a project in partnership with the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, the History Teachers’ Association of Australia, Deakin University and Macquarie University. The project involved the production and trialling of online professional support designed to enhance P-12 Australian teachers’ capacity to incorporate varied digital technologies into their classroom practice. An evaluation of the school trials of the information and communication technology resources produced by the project was a DEEWR requirement and this component was undertaken by Deakin and Macquarie Universities.

Exploring socio-scientific issues through digital technology: the impact of context and culture
Prof R Tytler, Dr L Barraza
Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project funded collaboration between Deakin and the Grande Ecole Agronomique Toulouse and the University of Lyon. The research involved cross national exchanges between pre service teachers in Australia and France, reasoning about local and global socio scientific sustainability issues through the development of wikis and an online international forum. The team developed an epistemological framework to analyse reasoning in the wikis and forum. The results indicate that the negotiation of difference in cultural perspectives enhances the level of reasoning, and validated the framework as a tool through which the contextual and cultural factors influencing this reasoning can be understood and analysed.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
Dr B Coffey
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade funding 2012
Administering Organisation: ADRI, Deakin University
Project Summary: This travel grant will be used to research the ways that different forms of knowledge inform the complex and contested field of regional development planning, and the consequences this has for the way in which regional sustainable development is understood. In addition to the opportunity to visit Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN), in St John's, undertaking the project will provide the opportunity to trial an analytical framework (being developed as part of a CSIRO funded research project) in a comparative setting and identify insights into regional development research, policy and practice. It will also strengthen the links between researchers at Deakin and MUN fostered by Associate Professor Kevin O'Toole (a theme leader in the CSIRO project) during a previous visit to Canada.

Literature Review
Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon
Peninsula Health funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project examined international literature on incidences of adolescent violence in the home and the law’s response. The Background Report (the project outcome) included a review of the nature of adolescent violence in the home as well as police and court responses to adolescents charged with the perpetration of violence in this context. The Report included recommendations relating to the need for greater understanding as to how adolescent violence can best be dealt with by members of the criminal justice system and what lessons can be learnt from other comparable international jurisdictions.

Pilot Tech Next Mid-Year intake - selection, recruitment & placement of participants (Phase 1) & course delivery (Phase 2)
A/Prof C Hickey, A/Prof A Kostogriz, Dr D Blake, Prof R Tytler, Dr P Hubber ,Prof B Doecke, Dr G Williams, Dr G Chittleborough
DEEWR funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: n/a

Australian and Canadian public service broadcasting: an investigation of international newsgathering capabilities on restricted budgets.
Dr C Murrell
Journalism Education Association of Australia funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: n/a

Training in research methodologies for analysis of healthcare services in Laos
Assoc Prof L Eckermann
AusAid ALA Fellowship funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: n/a

Staying healthy: Industry organisations' influence on behaviours and services used by fishers
Dr T King
Fisheries Research & Development Corporation funding 2012, 2013, 2014
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: n/a

Non-DU led projects

Too Big To Ignore: Global Partnership for the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries
Dr R Chuenpagdee (Lead Investigator) with 60 collabotators (Dr T King from Deakin)
Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council funding 2012
Administering Organisation: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Project Summary: This is a world-wide project that aims to get a better understanding of the environmental, political, economic and social factors involved in small-scale fishing communities around the world. A lack of detailed information about small-scale fisheries has resulted in systematic underestimation of their importance in addressing global crises, including food security, poverty and biodiversity loss. Dr King will be involved in looking at small-scale fishing communities in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia-South Pacific.

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