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Chris Halse

Professor Christine Halse

Chris started at Deakin in May 2011 after three years as Director of the Centre for Educational Research at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). She is a sociologist of education specialising in interdisciplinary approaches to the ways that curriculum, policy and educational cultures impact on the construction of individuals and identities. Christine’s research is particularly concerned with individuals and groups who are marginalised by race, gender, Indigenity, health and/or socio-economic status.

Chris’s work has focused on theoretical advances through the use of empirical research using both quantitative and qualitative methods. However, her particular interest is in using life history as both subject and object, and as a lens through which broader socio-cultural conditions can be viewed, analysed and critiqued. Christine has used this approach in substantive areas of cultural interaction, including Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal race relations, relations between girls with eating disorders and their doctors, and cultures of professional practice and learning between teachers. The resulting books have been best-selling, award nominees: A Terribly Wild Man: The life of the Rev Ernest Gribble and Inside Anorexia: The experiences of girls and their families. Her work has extended theories of binary power relations by demonstrating the co-productive effects of socio-cultural interactions on both marginalised and hegemonic individuals/groups in a range of different cultural contexts - social, racial, institutional, professional, etc.

One of Chris’ key interests is in doctoral education and the development of innovative doctoral programs. She has published widely on this topic, received the Vice-Chancellor’s awards for excellence in post-graduate supervision and a Carrick Institute Citation for her contributions to doctoral education.

Chris is President of the Australian Association for Education Research (AARE), President-Elect of the Asia Pacific Education Research Association (APERA), and national representative on the World Education Research Association (WERA). She has 10 years experience as Chair of the UWS Human Research Ethics Committee and her publications on research ethics are prescribed reading in graduate courses in USA, Europe and the UK.

She is a member of the European Research Council Ethics Panel and Reviewer for the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) and the Research Grants Council (Hong Kong (SAR) China). Chris has held invited appointments as Distinguished Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at Nagoya University, Japan and as Visiting Professor at the University of Seattle and University of British Columbia. She served on more than 20 national Steering Committees for major curriculum and professional learning initiatives, and is currently Advisory Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (since 2007).

book covers of 'A Terribly Wild Man: The life of the Rev Ernest Gribble' and 'Inside Anorexia: The experiences of girls and their families'

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