Persona, Celebrity, Publics (PCP)

HDR Students


Tamara Heaney

Tamara Heaney is a PhD student at Deakin University in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. I am interested in how audiences and consumers engage with celebrity culture. My research examines the recollections of women who were teenagers in Australia in the 1980s and their interaction with celebrity culture at the time. I am particularly interested in whether engaging with celebrity culture assisted them with developing their sense of identity and social inclusion.


Meylani Yo

My PhD research is Alcohol, the Sex Industry and Health Communication: Understanding and Interpretation of HIV/AIDS information in Indigenous Papuan Communities. It examines the dynamics and construction of perceptions and meanings generated by the interactions between the Mee tribes of Papua (Indonesia) and the outside world in the area of HIV/AIDS communication. Drawing on my previous experience in academic and professional work in Yogyakarta and Melbourne, this research aims at providing a new design for HIV/AIDS prevention strategies to incorporate a local context of Papua which is characterised by ongoing conflicts and multicultural interactions.


Neil Henderson

My PhD research interest is in contemporary changes to temporal experience in media, and the personal, political and ethical responses to them. I am especially interested in media environments where temporal boundaries on communication and rhythms of interaction are ambiguous and experienced differently by collective participants.


Kim Barbour

I am a PhD candidate at in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University, working to complete my thesis on the artist’s persona in digitally networked spaces. Using a phenomenological approach, my work engages with the experience of artists whose creative practice places them outside of the traditional representational structures of the art world as they present themselves through social media. In addition to my PhD research, I am a tutor and research assistant within SCCA, and work on the Academic Persona project led by David Marshall.

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