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2014 Events

Contemporary Publics International Symposium 24-25 February, 2014.

Researchers in media and communication, cultural studies, creative arts and visual ethnography, journalism and public relations, architecture and urban design; postgraduate students, educators, and emerging career researchers, attended this a major international symposium held at Deakin University on 24-25 February, 2014.

Keynote Speakers included:

  • John Frow, ARC Professorial Fellow, School of English, University of Sydney;
  • Tania Lewis, Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT;
  • Felicity Collins, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Critical Enquiry, La Trobe University;
  • Andrew Tolson, Professor of Media and Communication, School of Media and Communication, De Montfort University, UK.

Celebrity Studies Conference London 2014

The 2nd Bi-Annual CSJ conference took place at Royal Holloway 19-21 June, 2014. The conference was organised by James Bennett and Su Holmes, with the help of our excellent conference review board.

The conference Keynote Speakers:

  • Richard Dyer (Kings College, University of London);
  • Diane Negra (University College Dublin);
  • Sean Redmond (Deakin University, Melbourne);
  • Mandy Merck (Royal Holloway, University of London).

Reading and Talking OutLoud 2014

In this series of invited guest talks, leading scholars in the fields of persona, celebrity, and publics, addressed key concerns of their current research. Each speaker provided a reading or creative piece of their own choosing, that is representative of their work, or is work that has inspired them in some way.

2014 Events: Socialising Celebrity

Panel Presentations by:

  • Claire Charles

‘Sugar and spice and all things nice’: Katy Perry and the ‘girlification’ of cultural appropriation

Music video and popular music stars occupy a significant place in many young people’s lives. Drawing on empirical data from a current research project on intercultural understanding in schools, I explore the responses of a selection of Australian school students and teachers to American pop singer Katy Perry’s 2013 AMA performance of ‘Unconditionally’ at the American Music Awards in which she performed dressed as a geisha, complete with a cast of ‘Asian’ back up dancers.

  • Tamara Heaney

You’ve got to turn your eyes to the sky right? Coz if you don’t there’s not much else on the ground!” 

In recent years, the field of celebrity studies has begun to more closely examine the meanings that viewers, readers and audiences get from the consumption of celebrity. In this paper I will use preliminary findings from a pilot study focus group to illustrate participant’s understanding of what constitutes celebrity, notions of 'authenticity' and the implications this might have on the way consumers engage with celebrity culture.

  • Sean Redmond

Storying the Self: Adventures in Celebrity Auto-ethnography

In this brief talk I will outline the way that auto-ethnography can be employed to make better sense of the ways in which celebrity culture impacts upon everyday life. Drawing upon the idea of storying the self and the senses employed in story telling, I will make a case for enabling people to speak and enact the celebrity-in-their-lives. Drawing upon memory and identity work, and the aesthetics of storytelling, I will draw upon my own personal adventures with celebrity culture.


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Gender and Public Relations: Critical Perspectives on Voice, Image and Identity
Edited by Christine Daymon, Kristin Demetriou

Kristin Demetrious discusses Public Relations, activism and social change.

Interview with Christine Daymon and Kristin Demetrious, editors of the new book "Gender and Public Relations: Critical Perspectives on Voice, Image and Identity.

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