A new work by The Delta Project - a company of deaf and hearing dancers

A collaboration between Deakin University and Arts Access Victoria. 'Collisions' is a dance piece bringing together the skills of Deakin dance graduates and students with dancers from the Deaf Dance Network.

Jo Dunbar (UK) and Deakin alumnus Jodie Farrugia

14 - 16 June 2012

  • Thursday 14 June 08:00pm (opening)
  • Friday 15 June 02:30pm
  • Friday 15 June 08:00pm
  • Saturday 16 June 08:00pm

Deakin Performance Studio
Building P (Room P1.28)
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood (Melways 61 B5)


"On the surface, there is no identifiable difference but in our daily lives the gap is exposed. How do two worlds separated by ever-changing barriers experience the same spaces? What happens when these cultures merge and their worlds collide? Collisions is about how we move together to find the balance, the common ground from where we all stand."

photo taken at rehearsal of Collisions

A short documentary made about the Deaf dance project, Collisions. Filmed at the Deakin Performance Studio.

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