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sarah allen  

From Past to Present
Sarah Allen

Using the character of the samurai, and robot as the embodiment of traditional and modern Japan, I have used a combination of traditional and modern Japanese patterns and prints to explore the way in which current Japanese culture has been influenced by its past.


le thuy


Le Thuy Ngoc Han

Perception is not just a scroll painting but also a visual script for a short animated film, a series of visual studies, a short story, a storyboard for a short animated film and a photo essay documenting the author's experience during her Japan Study Tour. The abstract work contains meanings about the matter of perception and identity.



The Japan Tour
Annelise Allen

This animation is an introductory piece depicting my interpretation of the Japan tour and the people I got to share it with. It was done with the intention of imitating the forms of Japanese anime along with incorporating the ideas and projects that made up the theme of the tour.


sarah medew


Memories through the Gates
Sarah Medew

This creative piece was inspired by a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum and my journey through the Fushimi-Inari Taisha temple where I walked under the Torii gates. The Torii gates followed after one another and created a layering effect. This is similar to the layering of cell animation. This piece represents a combination of old and new Japan that I saw on my study tour.


Calvin Irons


Sarah Ling






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