Deakin students work alongside industry professionals on film production

Fourteen Deakin student interns, over 45 hours of production, four locations across five different cameras, including Deakin's new HD cameras and systems, and finally producers Steve Kearney and Leanne Tonkes from Mini Studios called 'Cut' on their short film 'Fish and Chips'.

The production, funded by Screen Australia as part of their Springboard program which supports filmmakers in making a short to complement their feature film proposal, exposed Deakin students to the real workings of a live film production crew.

Steve Kearney was keen to involve students in the production, which was a fantastic opportunity for Deakin students to be attached to industry professionals across the different film departments including Art, Camera, Production, Admin, Lighting and Grip.

"We couldn’t have done it without the students," Steve said as production came to a close.

The students were chosen from the Broadcast Studio Crew and consisted of second and third years who reported having an invaluable industry experience that complemented their formal studies.



Steve Kearney is an ex Rusden graduate and was part of the successful comedy act Los Trios Ringbarkus in the 80s.

Geoffrey Simpson is an award-winning Director of Photography (DOP 'Shine', 'Fried Green Tomatoes') .

Screen Australia announces Springboard and feature development investment

Deakin contacts: Liz Baulch and Luke Raisbeck




Above: Photos taken during production, at Deakin's HD Broadcast Television Studio
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