Graduate television success

Deakin Film and Digital Media graduate, Kane Gloury, has landed a one-year traineeship at Network 10 from a very competitive field of applicants.

Each year Deakin University, RMIT, North Melbourne Institute of TAFE and Box Hill Institute are invited to recommend four graduating students for consideration in the Network 10 Traineeship and Scholarship Program. Of the 16 students interviewed, two are chosen for an intensive one month trial period, which involves working across all the broadcast departments before the one-year traineeship is decided. Kane will now spend the year learning all aspects of television broadcasting while working on Network 10 productions.

This is the second year in a row that one of our students has been successful in this program. It is a fabulous indication of the talent in our midst and the valuable opportunities that the Deakin Studio Support Crew provides for students to build on and practice the skills taught in the second year TV Studio Production unit.

Last year Lisa Sloetjes was short-listed to the final two, and through this experience now works in network recovery at Network 10. Deakin University's involvement in this program provides students with opportunities to realise their ambition of working in the television industry.

Television network jobs are highly sought-after positions and it is a credit to our programs, that the industry recognises Deakin University students as desirable employees. Two other students who were recommended and impressed the interview panel have since gained positions as a lighting assistant and a production assistant on the 7PM Project. This is a great outcome for the students and the visibility of the Film and Digital Media program at Deakin University.



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