Shifting Skin

Alison Bennett: Shifting Skin

Alison Bennett is a PhD candidate at Deakin University undertaking a 'creative practice as research' project in digital photography. This body of work is an examination of surface and embodiment via digital encounter. Working with representations of human skin captured with a re-purposed flatbed scanner, Bennett has complicated the notion of digital photographic surface with an overlay of augmented reality that projects out of the physical print into virtual space.
The image has not been translated back into a simulation of a limb or torso but wrapped around a landscape of peaks and valleys describing the tonal scale within the surface of the subject, the pigmentation of scars, tattoos, skin tone and texture.

This exhibition will be opened by
Professor Matthew Allen

Head of School,
School of Communication and Creative Arts,
Faculty of Arts and Education,
Deakin University


Previous Exhibition

Deakin University PhD student and Tutor, Alison Bennett is a Melbourne based artist with solo exhibitions across Australia and works in major Australian collections.

For her new commission with WHITE STREET PROJECT she will present Shifting Skin: Transforming Fabric, a large scale multi-channel video-projection, at Cube 37 (visible from night fall to sunrise).

Shifting Skin: Transforming Fabric presents detailed scans of human skin that has been marked by tattoo ink. In a slight of hand, the tattooed skin has been animated and transformed into something like an alien creature morphing across the different projections, visible from the street.

By holding a flatbed scanner directly on her subjects' skin, Bennett has flattened the contours of the body and re-imagined the digitalized skin - seemingly as a fabric - that extends beyond the body proper. These animations include screenshots of the digital interface used to create the transformations, offering an insight into the architecture behind the work. The results are beautiful and uncanny, estranging and intimate.

This silent moving image work is part of a larger ongoing project that examines skin as a photographic surface and a transitioning fabric. Bennett deploys a unique combination of techniques that include scanography, 3D depth maps and animation, to create an experience that is somewhat disorientating and revelatory.

Bennett holds a MFA from Monash University Caulfield and is currently completing her PHD at Deakin University, where she currently lectures.

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Event Details

July 24, 2013
Shifting Skin Invite
Deakin University Art Gallery
6 pm for 6.15 pm speeches.
Function will conclude by 8 pm.

Alison bennett


Previous Event

May 24 to June 16, 2013
New Video Work
Cube 37 (Frankston Arts Centre)
Davey St, Frankston VIC 3199
Visible Dusk to Dawn from street level.

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