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 Do you want to be a martial arts master? Or a Parkour legend? Or you think you can dance and the world should know it?

AR@Deakin shows how you can do all this through the power of the Deakin Motion.Lab and the forces of the Creative Arts disciplines at Deakin University.

Install the app and then point your mobile device's camera at one of our the target images below (or the posters on campus) and you will see the kind of virtual worlds you can create through Motion Capture technology, inspired by areas that use motion capture at Deakin - areas like Dance, Animation, Drama, Game Development and Exercise and Sport Science.

Made in the Deakin Motion.Lab (credits), this augmented reality app will conjure up some incredible 3D mini-worlds projecting out from the posters. It's Free, it's Fun and it's Fabulous!


Download the app

iOS app for iPhone/iPad/iPod - download iOS app from iTunes store

Android app - download Android app from Play Store - Read the privacy policy txt file


Images to point to

After you download and install the app, point your mobile device's camera at one of the 5 picture targets below and the scenes underneath will be revealed!

drama at deakin

Above: Original photo by Jed Scattergood



Above: Original photo of crowd by James Cridland


animation at deakin

Above: Original photo by 'ellenm1'


Games at Deakin

Above: Original photo by Toine Roojmans


Dance at Deakin

Above: Original photo by Jen Hunter



Interact examples


     ar app demonstrated


AR app demonstration - early in the App making



AR @ Deakin Credits
Producer and Motion Capture Performance Director: Kim Vincs
Concept, Programming, App Development: John McCormick
3D Modelling, Animation and Poster Design: Peter Divers
Image Preparation, Motion Capture: Daniel Skovli
Sound Design: Rob Vincs
Motion Capture Performer: Steph Hutchison
Project Management: Tim Hetherington, Jeremy Power
Marketing: Christian Legorreta, Julie Stonehouse

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