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The aim of the Honours program in Australian Studies is to provide students with a challenging and stimulating intellectual experience that will add an important edge to their career prospects. Students carry out research on topics that critically address Australian politics, society and culture in both historical and contemporary contexts. By the end of their Honours year, Australian Studies students will have developed sophisticated and valuable skills in critical analysis, independent thinking, research and writing.


Honours graduates in Australian Studies are able to utilise their knowledge and skills in an exciting variety of careers: in journalism and the media; marketing and tourism; cultural institutions; the public service, local, state and federal levels; government organisations, national and international; law, commerce and business, from the local level through to multinational corporations; social welfare, including community development in Australia and overseas; libraries and information management.

What is involved?

The Honours program consists of coursework (worth 4 credit points), and a dissertation of between 14,000 and 16,000 words (worth 4 credit points). Full-time students will complete the program in one academic year; part time students normally take two years. Coursework is usually done before the dissertation.

Honours thesis

Your thesis topic will be developed in conjunction with your supervisor. Your thesis is a piece of independent research, and your supervisor is there to offer advice about the overall theoretical, methodological and conceptual themes that emerge from your own work. Beyond that, the scope of your thesis is entirely up to you (provided of course you fit in with the prescribed ethical guidelines established by Deakin University). This will enable you to allow your ideas and conceptions of theoretical, methodological and practical issues to evolve over the course of the year.

Finding a topic

It is important, for your own motivation, that you write on a topic or examine or analyse a problem which interests you. This topic must, however, be viable. This means that the sources it requires must be readily available and not too large to make the task beyond the scope of a dissertation of this length. You should be able to research and write your thesis in six months if you are a full-time student, or one year, if you are part-time. Your choice of topic must be refined in discussions with the academic staff in your discipline area. The Honours Coordinators will refer you to the member of staff whose interests most closely align with your own.

Australian Studies staff have supervised a range of topics: Geelong retailing and urban redevelopment, workplace change, Indigenous - settler relations, suburbanisation, Australian Labour and political history, popular culture, food and drink, war and memory, Chinese Australian history, Chinese migration to Australia and the Pacific, cultural history of Australia-Asia relations, public and private emotions, memory and identity, gender and sexuality, and public space.

Humanities and Social Sciences supervisors

Further information

Further information including units of study can be found in the Deakin course search.

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Honours Course Adviser - Australian Studies


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