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There’s more than one pathway to language study…

Deakin University currently offers three languages vitally important to Australia’s strategic interests: Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian.

You can study a language: as a major or an elective towards your degree. Alternatively, you could consider enrolling in the Diploma of Language which is a part-time program run over three years. The Diploma of Language can also be undertaken concurrently with your principal degree, commencing in the first or second year of study. This will normally add an extra six months or one year to your studies.

The added benefit of a language qualification will open doors to exciting new opportunities and experiences.


Studying a language can give you skills in many areas such as:

  • foreign affairs departments, intelligence and security organisations
  • local government and community-based organisations
  • trade, commerce and communications industry
  • travel and tourism
  • teaching – primary and secondary
  • health organisations
  • IT and engineering

As well as improving skills in your native language, learning a new language can:

  • enhance career paths locally and internationally
  • play a role in Australia’s strategic, economic and international development
  • facilitate linguistic and cultural sensitivity in social interactions
  • contribute to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding
  • enrich learners intellectually, educationally and culturally


Areas of study: Arabic; Chinese; Indonesian
Language skills in Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian are increasingly important in diplomacy, defence, security, commerce and trade-related fields; as well as for developing intercultural understanding and a global outlook.
All three languages are strategic in terms of Australia’s interests, and new opportunities for using these languages are expected to emerge in the future in response to our ever-changing world.

Study a language as a major
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of International Studies
  • Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts - Chinese/Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts
Language - for your career, for your future

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Language news
More study options from 2013 for Chinese and Arabic. Start Indonesian in Trimester 3 2012.

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