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Changing Attitudes Towards Women

Dr Kim Toffoletti
Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Gender Studies, Deakin University;
and Chief co-editor, Thirdspace: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture



Allegations of sexual misconduct by sportsmen seem to appear in the Australian news media on a disturbingly regular basis. Why is it that male athletes of major sports like football and rugby are often linked to incidents of bad behaviour toward women? Do men’s sports breed a negative attitude toward women? And what can be done to change how players relate to women in off-field situations? How can feminist thinking and action play a role in changing sportsmen’s attitudes toward women?

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Wednesday 10 March, 8-9pm
Manning Clark Theatre, Theatre 1, Union Court, ANU

About the Pamela Denoon Lecture

The Pamela Denoon Lecture was inaugurated in 1989 as a tribute to the memory of Pamela Denoon and as a reminder that the gains that have been made by women over the years have only been possible because of the enormous dedication of women like Pamela.

Pamela Denoon worked tirelessly to promote equality for women and was the National Coordinator of Women's Electoral Lobby from 1982-84. She actively lobbied for women’s rights in Canberra during the 1980s and her bequest helped establish the National Foundation for Australian Women and the Pamela Denoon Trust.

The Pamela Denoon Lecture is a regular event during International Women’s Week in Canberra. Speakers have included politicians, academics and well-known public figures like Quentin Bryce, Judy Horacek, Anne Summers and Julie McCrossin.

The Lecture aims to inspire and motivate women to find out more about issues for women in Australia and encourage some of them to get involved in a local organisation that works to promote women’s rights and other major women’s issues.

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Dr Kim Toffoletti is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Gender Studies at Deakin University. She is currently undertaking the first comprehensive study of female Australian Rules Football fans and how they maintain or challenge player’s behaviour. This has generated considerable media exposure on Australian television and in major news outlets.

Dr Toffoletti’s work has also been showcased internationally. In addition to her interest in gender and sport, her publications include Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls: Feminism, Pop Culture and the Posthuman Body.

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