Distinguished Visiting Chair appointment to University of Copenhagen


Professor David Walker has been appointed to the 'Distinguished Visiting Chair of Australian Studies' at the University of Copenhagen for the period from 1 February to 30 June 2010, their Spring semester.

The position is supported by DEEWR and this is the fifth year in which a visiting professor has been appointed. It is a prestigious appointment available only to people at professorial level and covering all fields of Australian expertise.

Professor Walker will be teaching a Master of Arts unit on Australian representations of Asia from the mid nineteenth century to the present and a master-class on auto-ethnography.

The University of Copenhagen is one of Europe's leading universities with an interest in Australian Studies dating from the 1970s. The university has research centres that examine multi-culturalism and citizenship and the impacts of Asia on the West.

About Professor Walker

Professor Walker has written extensively on Australian representations of Asia covering the period from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. His book, Anxious Nation, won the Earnest Scott prize for History in 2001 and has been translated into Chinese and published by Renmin University of China Press (2009). From 2005 he has held a position as Visiting Professor in the School of Foreign Studies at Renmin University, Beijing. Anxious Nation will also be published by SSS publications in New Delhi in September 2009.

Professor Walker has completed an auto-ethnography examining history, memory, sight and family to be published by Giramondo in 2010. Essays from this publication have appeared in Heat Magazine.

Professor David Walker


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